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Wally K. Daly (born 13 November 1940 in Grangetown, Middlesbrough[1]) is an English writer for television and radio and one-time chairman of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.


As well as some minor acting roles including Z-Cars, his writing credits include Juliet Bravo, Casualty and Byker Grove. He also wrote the 1984 radio series Anything Legal featuring Donald Hewlett and Michael Knowles.

Before the Screaming Begins, the first part of a science fiction trilogy in three thirty-minute episodes for BBC Radio, featured James Laurenson, Donald Hewlett and Patrick Troughton. Part two was entitled The Silent Scream. It too featured James Laurenson and Donald Hewlett and also Hannah Gordon. Originally broadcast as a 90-minute play in 1979, it was re-broadcast in March and December 2008 as three thirty-minute episodes made from an off-air recording by Wally K. Daly as the original mastertape had been lost.[2] The third part was entitled With a Whimper to the Grave. John Shrapnel replaced James Laurenson and Maureen O'Brien replaced Hannah Gordon. It also featured Donald Hewlett, Angela Thorne, Patrick Troughton and Timothy West. As with the first two parts it was re-broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in March and December 2008 in three thirty-minute episodes made from an off-air cassette recording by Wally K. Daly. Daly also wrote a story for Doctor Who called The Ultimate Evil but due to its hiatus the story was cancelled but was published in the popular range of Who books.

In the early 1980s, three of his stage plays were performed at the Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch - The Miracle Shirker, Vaughan Street (both 1980) and a stage adaptation of his radio and television play Butterflies Don't Count (1982).[3]



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