Wally Wallington

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Wally Wallington
Residence Flint, Michigan
Nationality American
Occupation Retired construction worker
Known for Construction techniques
Notable work Stonehenge replica

Wally Wallington is a retired construction worker from Lapeer County, Michigan, who has demonstrated methods for a single person to achieve the construction and manipulation of massive monoliths.


He has constructed a concrete Stonehenge-like structure using only materials and techniques that do not rely on any modern machine-powered technology. He has demonstrated this technique[1] on the Canadian science television program Daily Planet.[2][3]


His technique uses simple machines such as levers aided by counterweights and pivots. He says that he has successfully singlehandedly "walked" a twenty-ton barn and multi-thousand-pound concrete blocks using a beam lever and two pivots beneath the object and near the center of mass. These techniques might be comparable to those used by Edward Leedskalnin when he had single-handedly constructed his massive Coral Castle in Florida.[4]


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