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Created byAdam Peltzman
Written byScott Gray
Bradley Zweig
Tim McKeon
Sascha Paladino
Gabriel Pulliam
Jim Nolan
Randi Barnes
Dustin Ferrer
Joe Matthews
Clark Stubbs
Cynthia Riddle
Directed byEric Fogel
Beth Sleven
Tom Mazzoco
Brian Hatfield
Ron Brewer
Voices ofThomas Langston
Dan Bittner
Aria Capria
Taliyah Whitaker
Jorge Vega
Jenna Iacono
J.R. Horne
Theme music composerPaul Buckley
Opening theme"Say the Word"
Ending theme"Wally, Wally, Wally"
Composer(s)Paul Buckley
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Adam Peltzman
Running time24 minutes
Production company(s)Nickelodeon Productions
Noggin Originals (2018)
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
DistributorViacom Media Networks
Original networkNickelodeon (cable TV)
Nick Jr. (cable TV)
Noggin (mobile streaming)
Picture format1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Original releaseFebruary 3, 2014 (2014-02-03)
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Wallykazam! is an American CGI interactive children's animated television series created by Adam Peltzman. The series was first broadcast on February 3, 2014 on Nickelodeon and it ended on September 9, 2017. In Canada, it is broadcast on Treehouse TV.[1]


The literacy series takes place in a colorful world resembling that of inside a fairytale, in which the central characters reside. The show revolves around young troll Wally Trollman, who uses his magic stick to turn words into physical objects or occurrences, along with his pet dragon Norville and other friends. The duo occasionally runs into trouble, mostly caused by Bobgoblin.[citation needed]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
126[2]February 3, 2014 (2014-02-03)May 8, 2015 (2015-05-08)
226April 16, 2015 (2015-04-16)September 16, 2017 (2017-09-16)
3272019 (2019)TBA



  • Wally Trollman[3][4] (voiced by Thomas Langston) is an adventurous 6 (later 7)-year-old[5] blue troll who uses the "power of words" and his magic stick to allow words to come to life. His mother Mrs. Linda Trollman debuted in the last episode from season 1 "Mission for Mom", and in the episode "Rock and Troll", both his parents are shown and introduced further.
  • Norville Trollman[3][6][4][7] (voiced by Dan Bittner) is a red dragon and Wally's pet (specifically his "critter"). He cannot speak clearly, his barks and yips form words but are sometimes hard to understand. In some cases Wally repeats the words Norville says, allowing the audience to hear it pronounced more clearly.
  • Bobgoblin (voiced by Aria Capria and Tony Bennett (singing voice in Wally Saves the Trollidays)) is a troublesome green goblin who talks in the third person and habitually addresses people by their full names (first and last). He sometimes pops his head out as he is leaving to repeat his name or some variation of it. This may be involuntary, as he claims "I can't help it!" when Wally tells him to stop when they are trying to hide from the Goblin Guard behind a conjured bush. He has an uncle named Robgoblin who lets him take care of his pet dragon Hortis sometimes. His buddy-pal-friend is Hattie. He is also among Wally's friends[8] and his strength was enhanced by Wally enchanting him with the word "Lift."[9] Bobgoblin enjoys music, and in several episodes is shown to play the drums very proficiently. His full name is Robert Trouble Goblin according to the pilot "Monty's Magic Words".
  • Gina Giant[3] (voiced by Taliyah Whitaker) is Wally's neighbor[citation needed] and one of his best[8] friends. She is a 6-year-old purple giant with blonde hair and turquoise eyes who has a collection of dolls. Wally magically enhanced her agility by transforming her into an acrobat,[10] and she is able to do cartwheels, front flips and a double backflip while capturing Wizard Jeff's flying fish Sheila. Afterwards on her right arm she is able to hold a 1-arm handstand for six seconds.
  • Ogre Doug [11](voiced by Jorge Vega) is one of Wally's good[8] friends. He is a gentle 7-year-old yellow ogre who has red hair and wears suspenders. He is a creature expert[citation needed] who likes studying creatures, playing with creatures, and writing songs about creatures; he plays the guitar (as seen in “Wally Saves the Trollidays”, the “Alphabet Song”, and the “Ode To A Creature” songs). Also, he likes to hug, saying "Doug Hug!" as he does so.
  • Libby Light Sprite (voiced by Jenna Iacono) is an energetic pink light sprite with purple hair and the ability to trace words from light. Like Ogre Doug, she is also good[8] friends with Wally. She is later revealed to be the Buddy Pal Friend of Gina. She enjoys singing, dancing, and putting on light shows with her powers.
  • Stan of the Swamp (voiced by J.R. Horne (2014-16, his death) and Bob Ari (2016-2017) is a stubborn and irritable swamp monster who would rather spend his day sitting in his muddy home than going on an adventure. However, his swamp (which he fondly nicknames his 'Home Swamp Home'), mud, and succotash pies bring him happiness that the others do not expect from a grump like him.



  • Mrs. Trollman (later revealed to be named Linda,[12] voiced by Alanna Ubach) is Wally's mom. She is pictured at the end of "Wally Saves the Trollidays", mentioned in "Young Norville", "The Great Wishing Potato", "Buddy Pal Friend Day", and "Power Tie", debuts in person in "Mission for Mom" and returns in "Rock and Troll" , "Snowgoblin", "Wally's Great Big Birthday Hunt", and "A Very Villainous Vacation".
  • Mr. Trollman (later revealed to be named Howard[13]voiced by Jim Gaffigan and Fred Tatasciore (Power Tie only[14]), singing voice by Antonio Marin (in Wally's Great Big Birthday Hunt) and Adam Sietz (in A Very Villainous Vacation) is Wally's dad. He is mentioned in "Totally Swamped", "Day in the Dark", and "Buddy Pal Friend Day", pictured in "Wally Saves the Trollidays", debuts in person in "Rock and Troll" and returns in "Snowgoblin" , "Wally's Great Big Birthday Hunt", "A Very Villainous Vacation", and "Power Tie".
  • Skydasher Steve (aka Steve the Skydasher, voiced by Ben Schwartz) is Wally's uncle. He debuts in "The Big Goblin Problem". No episode has specified if he is whether the brother of Linda or Howard.
  • Betty Yeti (voiced by Andie Mechanic) is a snowboarding yeti. She debuts in "Snow Place Like Home" and returns in many episodes, including the Alphabet Song. She is also called Elizabeth Yeti,[15] and hides one of Wally's birthday clues in his hunt.
  • Hattie the Witch[16] (voiced by Kyla Carter) is a young[citation needed] witch who is friends with Bobgoblin. She is also friends with Norville[citation needed] and Wally.[citation needed] She debuts in "Hopgoblin" and returns in "The Explorers Club", "Buddy Pal Friend Day", "Keeping Cappie Happy", "Captain Animal", "The Chickephant is Getting Married!", and "Power Tie". She has magical capabilities like Wally, but uses a broom instead of a magic stick. She is often seen floating or flying around on her broom as a mode of transport. Like Wally, she uses verbal activation of her magic, and uses rhyming chants.[17] She has a younger sister named Cappie who can also use magic.[18] She hugs Bobgoblin (pressing her face against his) while declaring him her Buddy Pal Friend once he gives her Lizette, and also hugs Wally after he rescues her sister.
    • Cappie (voiced by Violet Tinnirello) is the younger sister of Hattie. She is in a photograph in "The Explorers Club", debuts in person in "Keeping Cappie Happy" and returns in "The Chickephant is Getting Married"
  • Cake Monster (voiced by Chris Phillips) is monster who likes cake. He debuts in "The Cake Monster" and returns in "The Big Cake Mistake", the Alphabet Song during the letter C, "The Chickephant is Getting Married!", and "Power Tie".
  • Victor the Villain (voiced by John O'Hurley) is a villain from a comic book who is brought to life from Wally's magic. He debuts in his titular episode and returns in the Alphabet Song during the letter V and "A Very Villainous Vacation".
  • Marsha of the Marsh, the niece of Stan, appears in "Play It Again, Stan!" and returns in "The Chickephant is getting Married"
  • Barbara Baker (voiced by Stephanie D'Abruzzo) is a green monster who runs a bakery in the town square. She debuts in "The Cake Monster" and returns in many episodes just like Betty.
  • Wizard Jeff (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic and Howard Donald in the UK) is Wally's wizard friend. He debuts in "Mustache Day" and returns in "Going Coconuts". Just like Wally, Hattie, and Cappie, he does magic.
  • Rockelle is a female rock who came to life from Wally's magic in "The Rock Can Talk". She reappeared in "The Chickephant is Getting Married!" She is voiced by Vanessa Bayer.
  • Zack the Garden Gnome is Gina's garden gnome who is voiced by Matt Jones in "Dawn of the Zucchini" and returns in "The Chickephant is Getting Married!".


  • Robgoblin is Bobgoblin's uncle and Hortis's owner. He is mentioned in "Critter Campers" and possibly mentioned as one of Bob's uncles coming to his family dance party in "The Big Cake Mistake".
  • Goblin Guard (voiced by Chris Phillips) is a goblin who guards the wishing potato. He debuts in "The Great Wishing Potato" and returns in "The Great Missing Potato" and "The Chickephant is Getting Married". In Missing Potato, Bobgoblin takes over his duties. Bobgoblin's mother is said to know Goblin Guard's mother. He has a jetpack which he uses to ascend a hill.
  • Momgoblin is Bobgoblin's mother. She is by Bob mentioned in "The Great Missing Potato"[citation needed] and also on his (Bob's) Twitter page[19]


  • Baby Snow Dragon (voiced by Oliver Wyman) is a purple dragon baby who lives on top of Mount Chillimonjaro. He debuts in "Snow Place Like Home" and returns in "The Dragon Games", "Young Norville" and the Alphabet Song during the letter F.
  • Night Dragon (voiced by Emily Bauer) is a pink glowing dragon who likes the dark. She debuts in "Day in the Dark" and returns in "The Dragon Games" and "Ted the Bed".
  • Victoria (voiced by Vanessa Lemonides) is Skydasher Steve's pink dragon who Norville likes. She debuts in the same episodes as Steve.
  • Hortis (voiced by Tyler Bunch) is a purple dragon who is owned by Bobgoblin's uncle Robgoblin. He debuts in "Critter Campers" and returns in "Young Norville".

Pets and other creatures[edit]

  • Borgelorp (voiced by Jason Harris) is one of Ogre Doug's pets who Wally and Norville babysit. He debuts in "Naptime for Borgelorp" and returns in "The Cake Monster", "Castle Cafe", "Critter Campers", "Captain Animal", and "The Bathmobile".
  • Blathertash (voiced by Adam Peltzman) is another one of Ogre Doug's pets who appears in "Dragon Hiccups" and "The Cake Monster".
  • Chad (aka Chad the Winklesnad, voiced by Jason Harris) is Ogre Doug's green pet Winklesnad. He turns red when angered and blue when saddened. He also has a dad (also voiced by Harris). He debuts at the end of "Hopgoblin" and returns at the end of "Buddy Pal Friend Day".
  • Flibberflug is another of the pets that looks like a bug. He is mentioned in "Great Galloping Goblins", debuts at the end of "Play It Again, Stan" and returns in "The Big Goblin Problem".
  • Chickephant (frequently misspelled Chickenphant in TV guide titles and summaries, voiced by Vanessa Lemonides) is a creature who is half chicken and half elephant. Wally, Norville, Ogre Doug, Bobgoblin, and Hattie discover her. Libby also brings her to Critter Campers Scouting Group. She debuts in "The Explorers Club" and returns in "Critter Campers" and "Captain Animal". Doug marries her the Goorilla in the village of Mossy Hollow during "The Chickephant is Getting Married!".
  • Lightning Snail is a fast snail who delivers the mail. She debuts in "Dragon Hiccups" and returns in "Play It Again, Stan" and "The Big Goblin Problem". Her catchphrase is "I deliver the mail on time with a lot of slime" while singing it.
  • Flipmunk is a chipmunk that flips in "A Tiny Problem" and "Wally Saves the Trollidays."
  • Grab Crab (voiced by Adam Peltzman) is a crab who grabs things with his pincers and like Bobgoblin, says his own name a lot. He debuts in "The Goblin Cold" (the end song was about him) and returns in "The Chickephant is Getting Married!".
  • Goorilla (voiced by Ari Rubn) is a gorilla that's covered in goo in "Captain Animal". He reappears again in "The Chickephant is Getting Married!" where Doug marries Goorilla to the Chickephant in the village of Mossy Hollow.
  • Flouse (voiced by Oliver Wyman (noise) and Malcolm McDowell (speaking)) is a mouse that took Gina's stuff in "Flouse in the House". He watches the Chickephant and the Goorilla getting married in "The Chickephant is Getting Married!".
  • Mumble Monkey (voiced by Adam Peltzman) is a blue monkey that attends the Chickephant's wedding. He was introduced in "Totally Swamped" to try get Stan laugh to get Wally's glider back. Doug introduces him to read poetry. He later dances with Betty.

Episode structure[edit]

Each episode ends with one of 11 sketches which rotates each episode.

  • Alphabet Song - Wally and his friends sing the alphabet.
  • And Now A Few Words From Bobgoblin - Bobgoblin tries to demonstrate words from a certain word family "example: -eg family" but his efforts end in failure or backfire.
  • Giant Words with Gina Giant - Gina demonstrates giant words she likes and shows them in a funny way.
  • Howl Like The Vowel - Wally and Norville demonstrate one of the five vowels through sentences.
  • A Light Sprite Can Write - Libby Lightsprite demonstrates the viewer how to trace simple letters or words
  • Message for Dragons - Wally shows the viewers how friendly dragons should behave.
  • Ode to a Creature - Ogre Doug makes up a song about his appreciation to a certain animal.
  • Rhyme or Slime? - Wally does a rhyming game with one of his friends, along with Bobgoblin. When Bobgoblin says a word that doesn't rhyme, he gets slimed in the way that Nickelodeon has always done it.
  • Wallykazhymes - Wally and one of his friends demonstrate a group of words that rhyme.
  • Wally, Wally, Wally, Wallykazam - Wally spells his name and after he does he and the other characters sing the signature closing song.
  • What A Letter - Wally tells the viewer about a certain letter featured in the episode.

Episodic anthologies[edit]

Unique titles have been created to refer to certain episodes grouped together:

  • Volume 1 released 3 February 2014[20] collects 13 episodes:
  1. Naptime for Borgelorp
  2. Castle Caper
  3. The Rock Can Talk
  4. How to Bathe Your Dragon
  5. Dragon Hiccups
  6. Picnic: Impossible
  7. Totally Swamped
  8. Day In the Dark
  9. The Great Wishing Potato
  10. Running Rita
  11. The Cake Monster
  12. Great Galloping Goblins
  13. Victor the Villain
  • Volume 2 released 10 June 2014[21] collects 12 episodes:
  1. Snow Place Like Home
  2. The Switching Stone
  3. Play It Again, Stan
  4. A Tiny Problem
  5. Castle Cafe
  6. The Dragon Games
  7. Mustache Day
  8. Wally Saves the Trollidays
  9. The Big Goblin Problem
  10. Hopgoblin
  11. The Explorers Club
  12. The Nice Ninjas

Play Pack released 25 August 2014[22] collects 4 episodes from Volume 1: "The Cake Monster", "Running Rita", "Picnic: Impossible" and "Castle Caper". Bobgoblin Problems released 6 April 2015[23] collects 4 episodes from Volume 2: "The Big Goblin Problem", "Hopgoblin", "The Switching Stone" and "The Dragon Games".

  • Volume 3 released 8 May 2015[24] collects 13 episodes:
  1. Mission for Mom
  2. Home Swamp Home
  3. The Goblin Cold
  4. Rock and Troll
  5. Going Coconuts
  6. Critter Campers
  7. The Big Cake Mistake
  8. Dawn of the Zucchini
  9. Ricky Robot
  10. A Flouse in the House
  11. Young Norville
  12. Snowgoblin
  13. The Great Missing Potato
  • Volume 4 only has 1 episode because it has not been fully released
  1. Buddy Pal Friend Day

In other media[edit]


Some books have been made based on the TV series:

Big Golden Books:

  • Dragon Hiccups[25]
  • Wally's Magical Adventures[26]

Board books:

  • Wally's Best Friends[27]

Coloring books:

  • Giant Adventures[28]

Paint box books:

Stories with stickers:

  • Bath Party![30]
  • Castle Caper[31]
  • S is for Stickers[32]
  • T Is for Troll[33]
  • The Cake Monster[34]
  • Troll Time![35]
  • Welcome to Wally's World![36]


Nick Jr. has a games section including crossovers with other Nick Jr. series and two exclusively based on the show:[37]

  1. Fruit Frenzy![38]
  2. Magic Word Hunt[39] involves looking for 40 biscuits and 5 words that begin with G: gallop (producing a galloping table), giggle (causing Norville to giggle), goblin (causing Bobgoblin to appear), ghost (producing a ghost) and gargantuan (a giant word, causing Norville and Wally to grow in the presence of Gina)


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