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Show logo
Music Andrew Rohn
Book Catherine Capellaro
Basis Wal-Mart
Productions 2005 Madison
2006 New York International Fringe Festival
2007 Off Broadway

Walmartopia is a musical with music by Andrew Rohn and book by Catherine Capellaro. It is an irreverent political satire of big business and eternal smiley faces, a musical tale of a single mom who speaks up to her corporate employer and finds herself and her young daughter jettisoned to a future where Wal-Mart dominates the entire world.


The show premiered in Madison, Wisconsin before having a run at the New York International Fringe Festival in 2006. It opened Off Broadway on September 3, 2007 following previews from August 23. It closed on December 30, 2007 having played 10 preview performances and 136 regular performances. [1]

This show has been performed twice in high school productions, at Cocoa Beach High School in Cocoa Beach, Florida and at Bishop Carroll Catholic High School in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.

Musical numbers[edit]

From the original, two act, 2006, Madison, Wisconsin production of, "Walmartopia".

  • I'm Tired Of Being Nibbled To Death By Guppies

Track listing from the Original Off Broadway Cast Recording[2]

  • Overture
  • A New Age Has Begun
  • American Dream
  • March of The Executives
  • Baby Girl
  • The Future Is Ours
  • A Woman's Place
  • Flash Them Bootstraps
  • Heave-Ho
  • Walmartopia
  • Uncle Sam's Commercial
  • American Dream (Reprise)
  • One Stop Salvation
  • The Future Is Ours (Reprise)
  • Socialist Paradise (Suck On This)
  • These Bullets Are Freedom
  • Consume/American Dream (Reprise)
  • What Kind of Mother?
  • Outside the Big Box
  • Band Playout



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