Walnut Creek (Lake Erie)

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Walnut Creek
Walnut Creek fishing.jpg
Fishermen on Walnut Creek during the winter
Walnut Creek (Lake Erie) is located in Pennsylvania
Walnut Creek (Lake Erie)
Location of the mouth of Walnut Creek in Pennsylvania
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 - locationHammett, Erie County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates42°2′24″N 80°0′3″W / 42.04000°N 80.00083°W / 42.04000; -80.00083[1]
 - elevation1,460 ft (450 m)[2]
MouthLake Erie
 - location
Manchester Beach, Erie County, Pennsylvania
 - coordinates
42°4′37″N 80°14′23″W / 42.07694°N 80.23972°W / 42.07694; -80.23972Coordinates: 42°4′37″N 80°14′23″W / 42.07694°N 80.23972°W / 42.07694; -80.23972[1]
 - elevation
572 ft (174 m)[2]
Length22.6 mi (36.4 km)[2]
Basin size38.1 sq mi (99 km2)[2]

Walnut Creek is a 22.6-mile (36.4 km) tributary of Lake Erie in Erie County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It has a drainage basin of 38.1 square miles (99 km2) and is part of the Lake Erie Watershed.

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