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Walter, Walther
Gender Male
Word/name Old High German
Meaning ruler of the army
Other names
Related names Valter Valtyr Wouter Gauthier Gualterio Gualtierre

Walter or Walther is a German masculine given name derived from Old High German Walthari, from an even older Proto-Germanic name combining *wald- "ruler" and *χarja-, χari- "army".[1] The Dutch name Wouter has the same Proto-Germanic origin.

The Latinized form is Waltharius, the title of a poem on the legendary Gothic king Walter of Aquitaine. A fragmentary Old English poem on the same character is known as Waldere. The name also entered the French language as Gauthier (and Wauthier), Spanish as Gutierre and Italian as Gualtiero.

Jacob Grimm in Teutonic Mythology speculates that Walthari, literally "wielder of hosts", may have been an epithet of the god of war, Ziu or Eor, and that the circumstance that the hero of the Waltharius poems loses his right hand in battle may be significant, linking him to the Norse tradition of Tyr.

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  • Walter, a puppet of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham (1962–)
  • Walter the Softy Brown, an enemy of Dennis and Gnasher from The Beano comic since 1953
  • Walter Donovan, the main antagonist of the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Walter E. Kurtz, the main antagonist of the 1979 film Apocalypse Now
  • Walter Mitty, the title character in James Thurber's 1939 short story The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  • Corporal Walter Eugine "Radar" O’Reilly, from the 1968–1986 M*A*S*H franchise of books, movies, and television
  • Walter, one of the protagonists in the 2005 film Zathura
  • Walter Newell, secret identity of Stingray (comics), a Marvel Comics character since 1967
  • Walter Sobchak, Vietnam veteran and best friend of "The Dude" in the Coen Brothers' 1998 film The Big Lebowski
  • Walter White, the protagonist of the 2008–2013 TV series Breaking Bad
  • Dr. Walter Bishop, a scientist on the 2008–2013 TV series Fringe
  • Walter Joseph Kovacs, the secret identity of the vigilante "Rorschach" in Watchmen since 1968
  • Walter Blythe, a character in "Rainbow Valley" (1919), "Anne of Ingleside" (1939), and "Rilla of Ingleside" (1921)

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