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Walter De Brouwer
Walter de Brouwer 2011-11-09.jpg
Born (1957-05-09) May 9, 1957 (age 65)
Aalst, Belgium
Alma materGhent University (BA Philology; MA Formal Linguistics; postgraduate Epistemology; Tilburg University (PhD Semiotics)
OccupationEntrepreneur located at Los Altos Hill, California
Known forPersonal Computer Magazine, Wave, Eunet (now CenturyLink), Jobscape (now Stepstone), Starlab, OLPC, Scanadu Inc, Inc.
TitleSerial entrepreneur, CEO, founder, Inc.
SpouseSam Lounis - De Brouwer
Children2 sons, 1 daughter,;

Walter De Brouwer ([də ˈbrʌuər]; born May 9, 1957) is a Belgian-born internet and technology serial entrepreneur and semiotician. He is CEO of and cofounder and former CEO[1] of and of Scanadu in Mountain View, California.As a serial entrepreneur, as of 2013, he took part in the creation of over 35 companies, including two that became publicly traded through Initial Public Offering.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

De Brouwer, born in Aalst, Belgium, is now an American citizen. He earned a Master's degree in linguistics from the University of Ghent and a PhD in Semiotics from Tilburg University.[3] He was a fellow of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge from 2004 until 2010.[4]

Teaching and board memberships[edit]

He was a lecturer at the University of Antwerp (UFSIA) and faculty professor at the University of Monaco. He is an adjunct professor at Stanford University Medical school (the Clinical Excellence Research Center).[5]

He was on the editorial advisory board of the Journal for Chinese Entrepreneurship.[6] De Brouwer is a member of the American Mathematical Society.

Former member of the Tau Zero Foundation (until 2013). He is now co-chairing the IEEE committee on Decentralized Clinical Trials.[7] and a member of the board of Linux Foundation Public Health together with IBM, CISCO, Tencent, VMWare[8]



De Brouwer set up Riverland Publications in 1990 to publish personal computer magazines.[9] In 1994, he sold his titles to VNU. He then published the cyberpunk magazine Wave, edited by Michel Bauwens and designed by Niels Shoe Meulman. Wave was a cult Belgian avant garde magazine.[10]


In 1996, De Brouwer was one of the founders of PING, EUnet.[11] In 1999, it was sold to Qwest Communications and is now part of CenturyLink. His employment site, Jobscape[12] In 2008, De Brouwer set up OLPC Europe, the European branch of One Laptop per Child.[13][14]


In 1996, De Brouwer founded Starlab together with MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte.[15][16][17] Under De Brouwer’s direction, by April 2001 it had hired 70 scientists from 33 different countries.[17] Starlab went bankrupt in June 2001.[18]


De Brouwer is co-founder and former CEO of Scanadu, a company located at the NASA Ames Research Park in California.[19] and Scanaflo, an at-home, full-panel urinalysis testing device designed to give consumers immediate information about their liver health, urinary tract infections, and other vitals.[20] Scanadu was taken over by (in 2020)[21][edit]

De Brouwer stepped down from CEO of Scanadu in April 2016 and became a co-founder (along with his wife, Sam de Brouwer) and the original CEO of, a Palo Alto, CA-based artificial intelligence company with a focus on digital healthcare,[22] including an app to help patients manage and analyze health data.[23] In 2020, he stepped down as CEO and was replaced by Sam De Brouwer (née Lounis); he stayed on with the company as chief scientific officer.[24] was acquired in January 2021 by the Atlanta-based digital health company Sharecare, who brought Walter De Brouwer onto their board as chief science officer as part of the merger.[25] was featured in Forbes when the company received a $100m contract from Anthem, the second-largest insurer in USA.[26][edit]

Walter is now the CEO of the Harvard-spinoff which has built the global pandemic satellite system[27] [28] and is using machine intelligence to map health all over the planet.


In March 2022, de Brouwer co-founded Snowcrash, with backing from Sony Music and Universal Music Group, a platform for trading NFTs from musicians, with initial offerings from Bob Dylan and Miles Davis. De Brouwer’s co-founders at Snowcrash are Jesse Dylan, a son of Bob Dylan, and Jeff Rosen.[29]

Other activities[edit]

De Brouwer is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and served as President of RSA Europe from 2006 to 2008.[30] He is a member of TED. He was a distinguished lecturer at the National Science Foundation in 2013.

De Brouwer's articles have been published by VentureBeat,[31] The Huffington Post,[32] Techonomy,[33] and others. His article, “How the People Are Taking Over the World,” was among Techonomy's Most-Read Articles of 2014 and was cited by its editors as “perhaps the most philosophical of Techonomy’s top articles” that year.[34] De Brouwer held 13 European utility patents and 11 design patents that were sold to Philips in 2001 and are now expired. He was awarded 7 active patents and submitted another 22 provisional patents in the USA and 2 in China and Japan.


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