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Walter Flores is a Costa Rican musician.[1] His mother, Maria de los Angeles Mora, and his father Walter Flores, educated him about music since he was a child. He began his education at Conservatorio Castella, Universidad de Costa Rica, and then at Berklee College of Music . He is currently married, and has two twin daughters. He lives in Costa Rica. He directed Ruben Blades' orchestra for over five years, playing concerts in festivals such as Amsterdam's "Holland RootsFest", Paris's "La Villette JazzFest", Germany's "Westport JazzFest", Switzerland's "Montreux Jazz Festival", New York's "Sessions at 54th" and Carnegie Hall, amongst others.

Flores has won two Grammy Awards, as producer of Mundo and Tiempos, CDs by Ruben Blades. He is also the Editus ensemble director


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He is not longer married and he has won 5 Grammy Awards and a Gaviota de Plata in Viña del Mar.

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