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Walter Hough, Popular Science Monthly, 1904-1905

Walter Hough, Ph.D. (1859–1935) was an American ethnologist.


He was born at Morgantown, West Virginia.

He was educated at Monongalia Academy, West Virginia Agricultural College, and West Virginia University (A.B., 1883; Ph.D., 1894). He was employed at the United States National Museum as an assistant (1886–94), as assistant curator of ethnology (1896–1910), and as curator after 1910.

Hough in Rock Creek Park, 1926

In 1892 he was made Knight of the Order of Isabella when in Madrid as a member of the United States Commission. He was a member of Dr. J. Walter Fewkes' expedition to Arizona (1896–97), went to Mexico, and explored areas of the Southwest.



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