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Walter K. Lew is a Korean-American poet and scholar. He has taught creative writing, East Asian literatures, and Asian American literature at Mills College, the University of Miami, UCLA, and Brown University and Cornell University. Aside from the award-winning Treadwinds: Poems and Intermedia Texts,[1] Lew is the author, co-author, or editor of seven books and several special journal issues. Lew's translations and scholarship on Korean literature and Asian American literature have been widely anthologized and he was the first U.S. artist to revive the art of movietelling (live narration of silent films), beginning in 1982.

Lew was the founding editor of the literary and scholarly press, Kaya Production (1993–96). Lew helped develop and publish such books as R. Zamora Linmark's Rolling the R's, Kimiko Hahn's Unbearable Heart, Sesshu Foster's City Terrace Field Manual, and a reprint of Younghill Kang's East Goes West: The Making of an Oriental Yankee.

Lew's documentaries and news stories have been broadcast on CBS News, PBS, British ITV, and NHK-Japan. He has often collaborated with visual artists, such as O Woomi Chung, Ashley Ford, and, most continually, the filmmaker Lewis Klahr.

Lew presently resides in Miami, Florida and Brooklyn, New York.



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