Walter Leslie Wilmshurst

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Walter Leslie Wilmshurst (22 June 1867 – 10 July 1939) was an English author and Freemason. He published four books on English Freemasonry and submitted articles to The Occult Review magazine.[1]


Born in Chichester, Wilmshurst was initiated as a Mason in the Huddersfield lodge in 1889,[2] having moved to the town to become a solicitor,[3] for a time becoming president of the Huddersfield Law Society. He died in Huddersfield.[4]



  • The Meaning of Masonry
  • The Ceremony of Initiation
  • The Ceremony of Passing
  • Notes on Cosmic Consciousness
  • Masonic Initiation

Articles and papers[edit]

  • "The Fundamental Philosophic Secrets Within Masonry"
  • "Review: 'The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal' by A.E. Waite"
  • "The Mystical Basis of Freemasonry"
  • "Reason and Vision"
  • "The Working Tools of an Old York Master"
  • "Spurious Ecstasy and Ceremonial Magic"


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