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Walter Long
Walter Long.jpg
Long in 1924
Born(1879-03-05)March 5, 1879
DiedJuly 4, 1952(1952-07-04) (aged 73)
Years active1910–1950
Spouse(s)Luray Huntley 1905-1919) (her death) (1 child)

Walter Huntley Long (March 5, 1879 – July 4, 1952) was an American character actor in films from the 1910s.


Hooded Klansmen catch "Gus", portrayed in blackface by Long in The Birth of a Nation (1915)
Long (sixth from left) with other cast members of Kick In (1922)

He appeared in many D. W. Griffith films, notably The Birth of a Nation (1915), where he appeared as Gus, an African American, in blackface make-up, and Intolerance (1916).

Long also supported Rudolph Valentino in the films The Sheik, Moran of the Lady Letty, and Blood and Sand. He later appeared as a comic villain in four Laurel and Hardy films during the early 1930s.

Personal life[edit]

In 1908, Long married Luray Roble, a stenographer from Wisconsin who later became an actress at Triangle/Fine Arts. They had a son named John. She died in 1918 at age 28, due to the Spanish influenza epidemic. Long never remarried.

Long and Carol Dempster in Scarlet Days (1919)

Walter Long served during World War I and World War II, attaining the rank of lieutenant colonel before receiving an honorable discharge at the end of World War II.

Although he was often called upon to play antagonists and villains because of his gravel voice and rugged appearance, many people reported that he was actually a warm, kindhearted man off-camera.


Long died of a heart attack on July 4, 1952 in Los Angeles, California, while watching the fireworks display at The Coliseum, during Fourth of July celebrations.


Year Title Genre Role Notes
1910 The Fugitive drama Unknown Short
1911 The Primal Call drama Unknown Short silent film
1911 Bobby, the Coward drama Unknown Short
1912 The Girl and Her Trust drama Grace's Bashful Suitor Short, Uncredited
1912 The Painted Lady drama Unknown Short, silent film
1912 The Musketeers of Pig Alley drama Unknown Credited as the first gangster film in history.
1913 The Deerslayer drama Indian Short, Uncredited
1913 Traffic in Souls drama Policeman silent film, Uncredited
1914 The Broken Bottle drama Unknown
1914 The Life of General Villa action-drama Federal Officer Pancho Villa plays himself.
1914 Home, Sweet Home drama himself silent, biographical
1914 The Escape drama Unknown Now considered to be a lost film.
1914 Dan Morgan's Way drama Dick Ramsey Short, silent film
1914 Blue Pete's Escape western Chicago Red Short
1914 The Avenging Conscience drama Detective Uncredited, Based on The Tell-Tale Heart.
1914 Where the Mountains Meet Unknown himself Short, silent film
1914 The Revenue Officer's Deputy drama Bruner Short, silent film
1914 Ethel Has a Steady comedy Unknown Short, silent film
1914 Bobby's Medal drama Unknown Short, silent film
1915 The Birth of a Nation drama Gus – a renegade Negro silent film
1915 A Man and His Mate Taylor
1915 The Outlaw's Revenge Federal officer
1915 The Highbinders crime Pat Gallagher Short silent film
1915 Little Marie Short
1915 Jordan Is a Hard Road Agent
1915 Martyrs of the Alamo Santa Anna
1916 Let Katie Do It drama Pedro Garcia
1916 Daphne and the Pirate drama Jamie d'Arcy starring Lillian Gish
1916 Sold for Marriage drama Col. Gregioff
1916 The Children in the House Al Fellower
1916 The Marriage of Molly-O Joseph McGuire
1916 Intolerance drama Musketeer of the Slums silent film
1916 Unprotected drama Joshua Craig
1916 The Years of the Locust drama Aaron Roth
1916 Joan the Woman epic drama Executioner Joan of Arc
1917 The Evil Eye drama Mexican Joe silent film
1917 The Golden Fetter romance McGill
1917 Each to His Kind drama Mulai Singh lost film
1917 The Winning of Sally Temple drama Duke of Chatto
1917 The Cost of Hatred drama Jefe Politico
1917 A Romance of the Redwoods drama Sheriff starring Mary Pickford
1917 The Little American romantic war drama German Captain
1917 Hashimura Togo comedy Carlos Anthony
1917 The Woman God Forgot romance Taloc (High Priest)
1919 The Poppy Girl's Husband drama Boston Blackie
1919 Chasing Rainbows western Lacy
1919 The Mother and the Law The Musketeer of the Town
1919 Scarlet Days western King Bagley aka Knight of the Black Stain
1919 Desert Gold horseracing melodrama Rojas
1919 An Adventure in Hearts adventure Guilamo Sevier lost film
1920 The Fighting Shepherdess Pete Mullendore
1920 Excuse My Dust comedy-drama Ritz
1920 The Third Woman Scar Norton
1920 The Sea Wolf drama Black Harris, the Mate silent film
1920 Go and Get It comedy-drama mystery Jim Hogan
1920 Held In Trust romance Hasbrouck Rutherford lost film
1920 What Women Love comedy-drama Captain Buck Nelson lost film
1921 Tiger True Old Whitey / the Baboon
1921 The Fire Cat Gringo Burke
1921 White and Unmarried comedy Chicoq
1921 A Giant of His Race
1921 The Sheik drama Omair – the bandit starring Rudolph Valentino
1922 Moran of the Lady Letty Captain 'Slippery' Kitchel lost film
1922 Across the Continent Dutton Tyler lost film
1922 The Dictator comedy drama Mike 'Bigg' Dooley
1922 South of Suva drama Sydney Latimer lost film
1922 Blood and Sand drama Plumitas starring Rudolph Valentino
1922 To Have and to Hold drama Red Gill
1922 Shadows Daniel Gibbs
1922 The Beautiful and Damned drama Hull
1922 Kick In drama Whip Fogarty
1922 Omar the Tentmaker drama Executioner adapted 1914 play
1922 My American Wife drama Gomez
1923 The Last Hour Red Brown
1923 Quicksands Ring member
1923 The Isle of Lost Ships Peter Forbes
1923 The Little Church Around the Corner Big Hex Poulon
1923 The Shock The captain
1923 The Huntress Joe Hagland
1923 The Call of the Wild Hagin
1923 Desire Bud Reisner
1923 The Broken Wing Captain Innocencio Dos Santos
1923 A Shot in the Night
1924 Yankee Madness Pablo del Gardo
1924 Missing Daughters Guy Benson
1924 Darling Love Red Bishop
1924 Wine comedy drama Benedict, Count Montebello
1924 White Man The River Thief
1924 The Ridin' Kid from Powder River western Steve Lanning
1925 The Lady drama Blackie silent film
1925 The Reckless Sex
1925 The Shock Punch boxing drama Bull Malarkey
1925 The Verdict mystery Convict Fred Windemere
1925 Soul-Fire Herbert Jones Sailor
1925 Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman Crawshay
1925 Bobbed Hair Doc
1925 The Road to Yesterday Rowdy in Burning-at-the-Stake Scene Uncredited
1925 Steel Preferred Redface
1926 Red Dice crime drama Nick Webb
1926 The Highbinders Bill Dorgan
1926 Things Wives Tell Ben Felton
1926 Eve's Leaves Chanz Fang
1926 West of Broadway comedy-western Bad Willie
1926 Jim, the Conqueror western Hank Milford
1927 Jewels of Desire Pedro aka Jose Hernadez
1927 The Yankee Clipper Portuguese Joe silent film
1927 White Pants Willie Mock Epply
1927 Back to God's Country Captain Blake
1927 Chicago Flynn's Thug Uncredited
1928 Thundergod Bruce Drossler
1928 Gang War Mike Luego
1928 Forbidden Grass
1928 Me, Gangster Gangster Uncredited
1928 Black Cargoes of the South Seas action drama Fursey
1929 The Black Watch Harrim Bey
1930 Beau Bandit Bobcat
1930 Conspiracy mystery melodrama Weinberg
1930 Moby Dick Stubbs
1931 Sea Devils Johnson the first mate
1931 Other Men's Women drama Bixby
1931 Los presidiarios El Tigre Uncredited
1931 The Maltese Falcon Miles Archer
1931 Pardon Us comedy The Tiger Laurel & Hardy film
1931 Sous les verrous Le Tigre
1931 Soul of the Slums melodrama Pete Thompson
1931 Dragnet Patrol melodrama Jim Grainger
1932 Any Old Port! comedy Mugsie Long Laurel & Hardy film, Short
1932 Escapade crime Gympy McLane
1932 Cornered western Henchman Slade
1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang crime drama Blacksmith Uncredited
1932 Women Won't Tell drama Joe Kummer
1932 Call Her Savage Man Who Tries to Pick Up Nasa Uncredited
1932 Silver Dollar Sick Miner Selling Mine to Yates Uncredited
1933 Laughter in Hell Chain Gang Member Uncredited
1933 Blondie Johnson Artie Uncredited
1933 Easy Millions
1933 Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Red's Prison Cellmate Uncredited
1934 Fugitive Lovers Prison Guard Uncredited
1934 Six of a Kind Hold-Up Man Uncredited
1934 The House of Rothschild Prussian Soldier Uncredited
1934 Lazy River Buck – Prisoner Uncredited
1934 The Thin Man Stutsy Burke Uncredited
1934 Operation 13 Operator 55
1934 Going Bye-Bye! comedy Butch Long Laurel & Hardy film Short
1934 Lightning Strikes Twice Policeman Uncredited
1934 Three Little Pigskins comedy Joe Stacks Three Stooges film, Uncredited
1934 The Live Ghost comedy Sea captain Laurel & Hardy film Short
1935 The Whole Town's Talking Convict Uncredited
1935 Naughty Marietta Pirate Leader Uncredited
1935 Here Comes Cookie Tramp Uncredited
1935 Annie Oakley Dan – First Indian Hater Uncredited
1935 Frisco Kid Gambling Miner Uncredited
1936 Drift Fence western Bev Wilson, neighbor
1936 Sutter's Gold Sailor Uncredited
1936 The Glory Trail Riley – Renegade Leader
1936 Wedding Present Gangster Uncredited
1936 The Accusing Finger Convict Uncredited
1936 The Bold Caballero adventure Guard
1937 Dick Tracy Whitey Serial, Uncredited
1937 Pick a Star musical comedy Bandit
1937 North of the Rio Grande Western Patrick "Buck" O'Hara
1937 Hoosier Schoolboy Riley
1937 Federal Bullets Henchman
1938 The Painted Trail Gang Leader Driscoll
1938 Six Shootin' Sheriff western Gang leader Chuck
1938 Bar 20 Justice western Duke Pierce
1938 Man's Country Lex Crane / Buck Crane
1938 Prison Break Convict Uncredited
1938 Wild Horse Canyon western Roscoe
1939 Union Pacific Irishman Uncredited
1939 Daughter of the Tong Henchman Uncredited
1939 Flaming Lead Western Big Jim Greely
1939 Fighting Mad Frenchy
1940 Dark Command Townsman Uncredited
1940 Men Without Souls Fireman Uncredited
1940 Hidden Gold Henchman Sanford uncredited
1940 When the Daltons Rode Deputy on Train Uncredited
1941 Ridin' on a Rainbow Three Feathers Bartender Uncredited
1941 A Man Betrayed Henchman Asking About Pete and Louie Uncredited
1941 City of Missing Girls drama Officer Larkin
1941 Lady from Louisiana Lottery Thug Uncredited
1941 Silver Stallion Action Adventure Benson
1941 I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island Captain Quinez Uncredited
1945 Dillinger Mug in Police Lineup Uncredited
1948 No More Relatives comedy Joe Edgar Kennedy film Short


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