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Walter Macken (3 May 1915 – 22 April 1967) was an Irish actor and author.

List of works[edit]


  • Mungo's Mansion (1946)
  • Home is the Hero (1952)


  • Rain on the Wind (London, MacMillan, 1950)
  • The Bogman (MacMillan, 1952)
  • Seek the Fair Land (MacMillan,1959)
  • The Silent People (MacMillan, 1962)
  • The Scorching Wind (MacMillan, 1964)
  • Quench the Moon
  • Brown Lord of the Mountain
  • Sullivan
  • Sunset on the Window Panes

Novels for children[edit]

  • Island of the Great Yellow Ox (MacMillan, 1966)
  • Flight of the Doves (MacMillan, 1963), which was adapted for the cinema.

Other works[edit]

  • I am Alone
  • The Green Hills (stories)
  • The Coll Doll and other Stories (which includes thirteen stories from The Green Hills)
  • God Made Sunday and other Stories

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