Walter Morley Fletcher

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Sir Walter Fletcher
Walter Morley Fletcher.jpg
Walter Morley Fletcher (1873-1933)
Born (1873-07-21)21 July 1873
Died 7 June 1933(1933-06-07) (aged 59)
Nationality English
Fields Physiologist
Institutions Cambridge University
Alma mater Cambridge University
Doctoral advisor John Newport Langley
Doctoral students Archibald Hill
Known for Muscle physiology

Sir Walter Morley Fletcher, KBE FRS[1] (21 July 1873 – 7 June 1933)[2][3] was a British physiologist and administrator. Fletcher graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge and was most significant in his administration of the Medical Research Council (MRC) during the interwar years. Under his guidance, the MRC focused its funding on basic scientific research at the expense of clinical research but he made Britain a leader in biomedical research in the period.


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