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Rev. Walter Robinson Parr (May 3, 1871 – March 24, 1922) was an English-born preacher and author.

The son of Alexander and Matilda (Richards) Parr, Walter Parr was born in Liverpool, England, and graduated from the Beloit Academy in 1891, from Beloit College in 1895 and from the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1898.

He was ordained to the Congregational ministry in Clifton, Illinois, on June 16, 1898. While serving in Chicago, Parr befriended Elias Disney, who named his fourth son, Walt, after him.



He wrote Unrest, which was published in 1915.


He was married on August 9, 1898 to Mary H. Weasel.


He died on March 24, 1922, aged 50, at Lewiston, Idaho, of influenza and pneumonia, survived by his wife and seven children.


See Catherine Parr for family history.


At St. Paul's Congregational Church in Chicago, he befriended Elias Disney, who named his fourth son, Walter Elias Disney, after the Rev. Parr.