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Walter Stöhrer (1937 – 2000) was a German painter born in Stuttgart. Between 1952 and 1954 he studied as a commercial graphical artist (Werbegraphiker), receiving a journeymans certificate. In 1955 he began to study painting at the Academy of Arts (Akademie der Bildenden Künste) in Karlsruhe and in 1957 became a member of the class of HAP Grieshaber, where he remained until 1959. In 1959 he left Karlsruhe for Berlin, to operate and live as free artist. In 1984 Stöhrer became a member of the Academy of the Arts in Berlin. Between 1981 and 1982 he was visiting professor at the Hochschule (now Universität) der Künste, the Berlin University of the Arts. In 1986 he obtained a chair at that same institution.


  • 1962 Stuttgart, German Youth Art Prize
  • 1964 Berlin, Critics' Prize of the City of Berlin
  • 1971 Berlin, Will Grohmann Prize of the Academy of Art
  • 1976 Berlin, Berlin Art Prize of the Academy of Art
  • 1977 Villa Romana Prize
  • 1978 Esslingen, Kreissparkasse Art Prize
  • 1980 Bremen, Böttcherstraße Art Prize
  • 1981–1982 Berlin, visiting professor at the Hochschule der Künste
  • 1982 Nordhorn City Art Prize
  • 1995 Stuttgart, Molfenter Prize
  • 1999 Reutlingen, Jerg Ratgeb Prize
  • 2000 Schleswig, Dr. Friedrich Schultz Prize

The Walter Stöhrer-Stiftung (Walter Stöhrer-Foundation) is (as of 2003) working on an edition of his collected writings on art.

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