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Walter T. Rea (June 12, 1922 – August 30, 2014) was a former Seventh-day Adventist pastor, known for his criticisms of the inspiration of Ellen G. White, co-founder of the church.


Rea was born in 1922. He died in August 2014.[1] He had been the pastor of the Adventist church in Long Beach, California and compiled Biblical biographies from Ellen White writings for sale before being terminated from church employ.[2]

Ellen White[edit]

In 1980, the Ellen G. White Estate and the Biblical Research Institute decided to begin a study of White's inspiration and other topics[citation needed]. A scholarly committee met at the Glendale Adventist Hospital on January 28 and 29, to discuss Rea's studies into White's use of sources[citation needed].

Rea's employment by the church was terminated. He claimed that up to 80 or 90% of White's writings were plagiarized, a claim which formed the basis of his book, The White Lie.[3]

Rea was the first to document such large scales of borrowing, citing 75 books White depended on.[4] He was one of the key figures who introduced new views of White to the church.[neutrality is disputed]

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