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Walter Womacka (2006)

Walter Womacka (22 December 1925 – 18 September 2010) was a German Socialist Realist artist.

Womacka was born in Horní Jiřetín (Obergeorgenthal), Czechoslovakia. He lived in East Berlin for most of his life, and was the head of the School of Art and Design Berlin-Weissensee from 1968 until 1988. In the post-war rebuilding of Berlin, he designed many large public artworks including stained glass windows using the gemmail technique and large external murals in mosaic. These artworks showing the socialist ideal of "ordinary people" contributing to society are found decorating the buildings of government departments and factories. The Haus des Lehrers ("House of Teachers"- Education Department) on Alexanderplatz in the centre of East Berlin is decorated with a frieze showing the benefits of education. This work has recently been fully restored after many years of neglect. Womacka's designs have also been used on postage stamps.[1][2] Womacka died in Berlin, Germany.

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