Waltham Forest London Borough Council election, 2010

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Waltham Forest London Borough Council election, 2010
Greater London
← 2006 6 May 2010 2014 →

All 60 seats to Waltham Forest London Borough Council
31 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Chris Robbins Matt Davis John Macklin
Party Labour Conservative Liberal Democrat
Leader's seat Grove Green Endlebury Chapel End
Last election 26 seats, 30.8% 15 seats, 24.8% 19 seats, 29.2%
Seats before 25 15 20
Seats won 36 18 6
Seat change Increase9 Increase3 Decrease14
Percentage 36.6% 23.3% 28.0%

  Fourth party
Party Green
Last election 0 seats, 12.1%
Seats before 0
Seats won 0
Seat change Steady0
Percentage 8.8%

Waltham Forest London UK local election 2010 map.svg
Map of the results of the 2010 Waltham Forest council election. Conservatives in blue, Labour in red and Liberal Democrats in yellow.

Council control before election

No Overall Control

Council control after election


Elections for London Borough of Waltham Forest were held on 6 May 2010. The 2010 General Election and other local elections took place on the same day.

In London council elections the entire council is elected every four years, opposed to some local elections where one councillor is elected every year for three of the four years.


All locally registered electors (British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens) who were aged 18 or over on Thursday 6 May 2010 were entitled to vote in the local elections. Those who were temporarily away from their ordinary address (for example, away working, on holiday, in student accommodation or in hospital) were also entitled to vote in the local elections,[1] although those who had moved abroad and registered as overseas electors cannot vote in the local elections. It is possible to register to vote at more than one address (such as a university student who had a term-time address and lives at home during holidays) at the discretion of the local Electoral Register Office, but it remains an offence to vote more than once in the same local government election.[2]

Composition before election[edit]

Elected in 2006 Before election
Party Seats Party Seats
Labour 26 Labour 25
Liberal Democrat 19 Liberal Democrat 20
Conservative 15 Conservative 15

Election result[edit]

Waltham Forest Council election result 2010[3]
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 36 9 0 Increase9 43.3% 36.6% 39,651 Increase5.8%
  Conservative 18 3 0 Increase3 30% 23.3% 25,234 Decrease1.5%
  Liberal Democrat 6 0 14 Decrease14 10% 28.0% 30,354 Decrease1.2%
  Green 0 0 0 Steady0 0% 8.8% 9,541 Decrease3.3%

Results by ward[edit]

The ward results listed below are based on the changes from the 2006 elections, not taking into account any mid-term by-elections or party defections.

Cann Hall
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Tunde Davies 2,103
Labour Nicholas Russell 1,986
Liberal Democrat Liz Phillips 1,986
Liberal Democrat Keith Rayner 1,829
Labour Faiz Yunis 1,784
Liberal Democrat Adrian Trett 1,493
Conservative Bill de Gouveia 509
Conservative Letrois Bernard 492
Conservative David Hemsted 447
Green Pat Howie 420
Turnout 55.2%
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Naheed Asghar 2,087
Labour Shameem Highfield 1,885
Labour Terry Wheeler 1,848
Liberal Democrat Joe Dyer 1,439
Liberal Democrat Milton Martin 1,435
Liberal Democrat Shahid Majid 1,316
Conservative Anne Pryor 466
Conservative Derek Pryor 404
Conservative Jean Savage 377
Green Anne Warrington 320
Turnout 51.1%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Chapel End
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Paul Douglas 2,180
Labour Kieran Falconer 1,995
Labour Abu Samih 1,823
Liberal Democrat Matt Lake 1,343
Liberal Democrat Saeed Diwan 1,294
Liberal Democrat Andrew Morrell 1,229
Conservative Millie Balkan 904
Independent Bob Belam 844
Conservative Owen Evans 820
Conservative Anne Hexter 772
Independent Bob Carey 667
Independent John Macklin 569
Green Susan Wheat 536
UKIP Bob Brock 296
Turnout 60.1%
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Chingford Green
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Thom Goddard 3,152
Conservative Michael Lewis 3,112
Conservative Andrew Hemsted 3,083
Liberal Democrat Joan Carder 985
Labour Noel Hayes 964
Liberal Democrat Ian Paterson 964
Liberal Democrat Keith Wenden 932
Labour Elizabeth Lee 917
Labour Frances Manjra 760
Turnout 68.0%
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Roy Berg 3,002
Conservative Peter Herrington 2,741
Conservative Matthew Davis 2,686
Labour William Bayliss 976
Independent Trevor Calver 869
Labour Kenneth Kennedy 861
Labour Sheila Dore 859
Liberal Democrat Violet Wells 679
Liberal Democrat Kathleen Mudie 665
Liberal Democrat Edward Carder 644
Green Joan Allen 461
Independent Dawn Bishop 234
Turnout 67.0%
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Gerry Lyons 2,070
Liberal Democrat Farooq Qureshi 1,914
Labour Shabana Qadir 1,875
Labour Mumtaz Zafar 1,710
Liberal Democrat Samina Safdar 1,497
Liberal Democrat Haroon Munir 1,436
Conservative Julien Foster 755
Conservative David Bromiley 674
Green Rosalind Bedlow 658
Conservative Gulsum Aytac 565
Independent Martin Duncan-Jones 298
Christian Peoples Jean Farmer 278
Turnout 59.0%
Labour hold
Liberal Democrat hold
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Grove Green
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Chris Robbins 2,342
Labour Anna Mbachu 2,271
Labour Khevyn Limbajee 2,178
Liberal Democrat Neal Chubb 1,681
Liberal Democrat Abbas Yousaf 1,639
Liberal Democrat Paul Olford 1,563
Conservative Pervaiz Khan 608
Conservative Michelle Sweetman 599
Conservative Ben Smith 594
Green Bill Measure 429
Green Maureen Measure 383
Turnout 54.4%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Hale End and Highams Park
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Sheree Rackham 2,064
Conservative Paul Braham 2,026
Conservative Darshan Singh Sunger 1,904
Liberal Democrat Sheila Smith-Pryor 1,825
Liberal Democrat Nick Bason 1,814
Liberal Democrat Jane Morgan 1,796
Labour Martin Dore 1,401
Labour Richard James 1,287
Labour Neil Weekes 1,225
Turnout 67.0%
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat
Conservative gain from Liberal Democrat
Hatch Lane
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Marion Fitzgerald 2,743
Conservative Laurie Braham 2,500
Conservative Geoffrey Walker 2,481
Labour David Blunt 1,312
Liberal Democrat Marc Jones 1,115
Liberal Democrat Jeremy Dauncey 1,055
Labour Ali Murtaza 977
Labour Shaheen Rafique 934
Liberal Democrat Clyde Kitson 819
Green Robert Tatam 569
Turnout 63.0%
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
High Street
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Liaquat Ali 2,325
Labour Clare Coghill 2,180
Liberal Democrat Mahmood Hussain 2,045
Labour Steve Terry 1,932
Liberal Democrat Johar Khan 1,923
Liberal Democrat James O'Rourke 1,712
Green Anna Lindstrom 774
Conservative Shaun Hexter 507
Conservative Rachel Wedderburn 506
Conservative Mike Vero 488
Green Kuan Phillips 478
Independent Aurangzaib Sharif 157
Independent Michael Gold 110
Turnout 58.7%
Labour hold
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat hold
Higham Hill
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Karen Bellamy 2,124
Labour Geoff Hammond 1,914
Labour Haroon Khan 1,849
Liberal Democrat Sean Meiszner 1,810
Liberal Democrat Peter Woollcott 1,677
Liberal Democrat Patrick Smith 1,647
Conservative Kathy Berg 648
Conservative Pamela Jovcic 550
Conservative Sheila Vero 503
Green Oliver Parsons 377
UKIP Judith Chisholm 255
TUSC Uthayasenan Thanabala Singam 104
Turnout 56.5%
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Hoe Street
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Ahsan Khan 2,265
Labour Saima Mahmud 2,098
Labour Mark Rusling 2,096
Liberal Democrat Farooq Arif 1,542
Liberal Democrat Najm Anwar 1,425
Green Stephen Lambert 1,015
Green Elen Miles 915
Liberal Democrat Naseem Saleemi 913
Green Daniel Perrett 816
Conservative Dominic Gover 701
Conservative Roger Hemsted 699
Conservative Susan Herrington 681
Turnout 58.9%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Nicholas Buckmaster 2,777
Conservative Bernadette Mill 2,720
Conservative Edwin Northover 2,498
Labour Anne Garrett 1,427
Labour Sivakumar Chelliah 1,224
Labour Johanna Rashid 1,148
Liberal Democrat Graham Woolnough 891
Liberal Democrat Gerry McGarry 817
Liberal Democrat Khalid Sharif 668
Turnout 62.0%
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Lea Bridge
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Masood Ahmad 2,891
Labour Afzal Akram 2,850
Labour Elisabeth Davies 2,730
Liberal Democrat Katy Andrews 1,810
Liberal Democrat Eren Aslan 1,435
Green David Hamilton 711
Conservative Abdul Mahroof 661
Liberal Democrat Yousaff Khan 618
Independent Mian Zahid 215
Turnout 53.1%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Democrat Naheed Qureshi 2,190
Liberal Democrat Winnie Smith 2,104
Liberal Democrat Bob Sullivan 2,095
Labour Patrick Edwards 1,996
Labour Simon Miller 1,967
Labour Matthew Garness 1,954
Green Diana Wellings 618
Conservative Christopher Nott 446
Conservative Mollie Neilson-Hansen 436
Conservative Carol Chatfield 123
Turnout 54.6%
Liberal Democrat hold
Liberal Democrat hold
Liberal Democrat gain from Labour
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Jenny Gray 2,338
Labour Clyde Loakes 2,298
Labour Marie Pye 2,246
Liberal Democrat Anthony Ashworth 1,519
Liberal Democrat Faiz Faiz 1,473
Liberal Democrat John Howard 1,428
Conservative David Atherton 867
Conservative Helen Johnson 844
Green Mark Dawes 708
Conservative John Moss 704
Turnout 58.4%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Mohammad Asghar 2,309
Labour Asim Mahmood 2,286
Labour Ebony Vincent 2,108
Liberal Democrat Javed Azam 1,749
Liberal Democrat Doreen Ingleton 1,515
Liberal Democrat Osman Saleemi 1,143
Conservative Zahood Ahmed 665
Green Maria Paterlini-Phillips 658
Conservative Michael Bamber 607
Conservative Ayhan Kizil 446
Turnout 56.7%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Jemma Hemsted 2,060
Conservative Alan Siggers 2,020
Conservative Laurance Wedderburn 1,967
Liberal Democrat Grace Chambers 1,334
Liberal Democrat Aktar Beg 1,309
Liberal Democrat Peter Woodrow 1,265
Labour Henry Boyle 703
Labour Afzal Malik 669
Labour Cynthia Wenden 662
Turnout 62.0%
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
Conservative hold
William Morris
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Geraldine Reardon 2,467
Labour Nadeem Ali 2,387
Labour Raja Anwar 2,300
Liberal Democrat Bob Wheatley 1,714
Liberal Democrat Tulat Raja 1,543
Liberal Democrat Samantha Syrus 1,487
Green Alison Walker 713
Conservative Shane Clapham 596
Conservative David Mears 592
Conservative Mladen Jovcic 508
TUSC Susan Wills 228
Turnout 60.5%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour gain from Liberal Democrat
Wood Street
Party Candidate Votes %
Labour Angie Bean 2,740
Labour Peter Barnett 2,612
Labour Richard Sweden 2,293
Liberal Democrat Andrew Hudson 1,488
Liberal Democrat Azhar Kayani 1,244
Liberal Democrat Dil Pazeer 1,116
Conservative Elliott Burton 1,103
Conservative Tim James 1,010
Conservative Sandeep Christian 987
Green Christine Olende 574
Turnout 61.5%
Labour hold
Labour hold
Labour hold


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