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Digitalis purpurea Illustrated and lithographed by Walter Müller from Gera

Walther Otto Müller, also Otto Müller, (20 June 1833 – 17 July 1887 in Gera) was a German botanist and gardner.[1] He was mainly interested in Cryptogamae, in particular lichen and mosses. Müller was the author of some books and several articles in scientific and botanical journals.[1] He monochrome illustrated at least one. He collected plants, lichen and mosses for herbaria to sell the exsiccates as loose-leaf-collections.[2]

The topography of Gera region provided flora and fauna from lowland and highland at one rich spot.[1] Some of his specimens are housed at the British Museum.

Some confuse him with:

  • Walther Müller, German lithographer in Gera, who somewhen changed the spelling to Walter Müller, complete name Wilhelm Walter Müller (1845-1927), working from 1870 to 1919 as an illustrator, lithographer who produced botanical and anatomical drawing, lithography, chromolithography and hand-colouring, marking with italics WM or WMüller (VIAF-ID: 236205928).
  • Otto Müller, German botanist in Berlin, complete name Georg Ferdinand Otto Müller (1837-1917), who collected and studied algae (Diatomaceae, Bacillariaceae) from 1870 up to 1912. He has the taxonomic author abbreviation O.Müll. (VIAF ID: 295723048).
  • Otto Müller, German botanist in Breslau (nowadays Wrocław), who did research in the field of plant physiology of vine 1887.


  • Flora der Reussischen Länder und deren nächster Umgebungen (1863) [1]
  • Cryptogamen-Flora enthaltend die Abbildung und Beschreibung der vorzüglichsten Cryptogamen Deutschlands. - Gustav Pabst and Walther Otto Müller - Gera, C.B. Griesbach, 1874-1877. 3 parts in 1 volume. Large 4to (33 x 24.5 cm). With 12 numbered lithographed plates by C. Bollmann (Gera) in part 1 which was written jointly by Pabst and Müller; several wood engravings in text and 25 (numbered 23) chromolithographed plates by J.G. Bach (Leipzig) in part 2; illustrations by Müller and Pabst - 1 lithographed and 8 numbered chromo-lithographed plates by Franz Dietsch (Gera) in part 3. Parts 2 and 3 were written by Pabst.[4][5][6]


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