Walton C. Ament

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Walton C. Ament
Born January 7, 1907
Wilmerding, Pennsylvania
Died January 23, 1968
Washington, DC
Nationality US
Occupation attorney, film producer
Known for work with Frank Buck
Spouse(s) Mary Alicia Nickerson (1937–1968, his death)
Awards plaque from War Activities Committee, 1946, for voluntary war services

Walton C. Ament (born January 7, 1907 in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania; died January 23, 1968, Washington, DC, age 61) was an attorney and film executive who produced Frank Buck's film Jungle Cavalcade.[1] Ament was an outspoken champion of newsreels. "The newsreel has not lost its vitality. It is not obsolescent. Never has it been more important,” he wrote in 1944.[2] In 1946 Ament received a plaque from the War Activities Committee for voluntary war services.[3]

Early years[edit]

Walton C. Ament was the son of James McKeag Ament, listed on the 1920 US census as a chauffeur, and Ida May Campbell Ament. Walton graduated from Pennsylvania State College and Harvard Law School. He worked for the law firm Donovan, Leisure, Newton, and Lombard in New York.

Film career[edit]

In 1939 Ament was appointed an editor at Pathé News. He was subsequently Vice President, then Vice President and general manager.[4] During his tenure, he won an Oscar for producing Spills and Chills, a Best Live Action Short Film, Sports News Review Series. He also produced Frank Buck's film Jungle Cavalcade.

Personal life and death[edit]

Walton C. Ament was married to Mary Alicia Nickerson, the daughter of investment banker John Nickerson. The couple had three daughters. Walton Ament died in Washington, DC after a long illness.


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