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Walton Cantonment is a cantonment area situated in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Lahore Cantonment with its increasing population and extensions to the boundaries had become difficult to manage and in 1998 it was bifurcated into two administrative divisions, Lahore Cantonment and the new Walton Cantonment.

According to the Zoning Plan of Walton Cantt. Area, the cantonment is spread over 9024 acres. The estimated population is about 600,000 person.

Walton Railway Station[edit]

Walton Railway Station is a busy railway station located in Walton Cantontment. It is one of the urban stations of the city which are served by commuter trains of Lahore. A large number of commuters use this station to get access to the city of Lahore.

Coordinates: 31°29′15″N 74°21′15″E / 31.487382°N 74.354095°E / 31.487382; 74.354095

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