Walton High School, Stafford

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Walton High Shool
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The Rise

, ,
ST17 0LJ

Coordinates52°47′11″N 2°04′14″W / 52.78628°N 2.07042°W / 52.78628; -2.07042Coordinates: 52°47′11″N 2°04′14″W / 52.78628°N 2.07042°W / 52.78628; -2.07042
Local authorityStaffordshire
Department for Education URN124416 Tables
HeadteacherNeil Finlay
Age11 to 18
Enrolment1285 As of January 2012
HousesDeercote, Hazelslade, Kingsley and Oldacre
Colour(s)Red (KS3) or Black (KS4) with additional colours for houses.

Walton High School is a large mixed secondary school and sixth form serving a community in the southern part of Stafford.[1]

There are approximately 1285 students on roll. The headteacher is Neil Finlay, who took over the role from Susan Kirkham when she retired at the end of Winter Term 2007. The previous[timeframe?] headteacher was David Hardman. The school catchment area is 4.5 miles (7.2 km) around the school. The school's sixth form provision used to form part of the Stafford Collegiate which included all Stafford secondary schools and Stafford College, but this is no longer the case.[timeframe?][2][3]


In 2003 an illegal spy camera was placed by staff. Permission was not obtained for this camera, and its installation contravened child safety guidelines. It was said that it was installed to prevent weekend thefts. However, this camera was discovered on a Wednesday and therefore was still in place during weekdays. It was discovered by contractors repairing an extractor fan, who informed the head and the relevant authorities.[4][5]

Notable former pupils[edit]


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