Waltz of the Stork

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Waltz of the Stork is a semi-autobiographical play written and originally performed by Melvin Van Peebles.[1] It also featured his son Mario Van Peebles. The play originally ran for four months in 1982.[2] It ran from January 5, 1982 to May 23, 1982.[3]

The song "The Apple Stretching", featured in this play, was later covered by Grace Jones, and released as a single. In 2008, a film based on the play, Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha, was released, directed by Van Peebles.



  • There
  • And I Love You
  • The Apple Stretching
  • Tender Understanding (written by Ted Hayes)
  • The Apple Stretching
  • My Love Belongs To You
  • Weddings And Funerals (written by Mark Barkan)
  • On 115
  • Play It As It Lays
  • Shoulders To Lean On


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