Wamba Territory

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Wamba Territory
Wamba Territory is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Wamba Territory
Wamba Territory
Coordinates: 2°08′39″N 27°59′34″E / 2.144239°N 27.992885°E / 2.144239; 27.992885Coordinates: 2°08′39″N 27°59′34″E / 2.144239°N 27.992885°E / 2.144239; 27.992885
Country Democratic Republic of Congo
Province Haut-Uele

Wamba Territory is a part of the Haut-Uele Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The administrative center is the town of Wamba.


As of 2011, Kilo Goldmines was active in a joint venture with Somituri sprl, a local company, in exploiting properties in the territories of Mambasa and Wamba near the village of Nia Nia. Colonial mines produced gold in this area from the 1920s until 1958.[1]


The territory is divided into chiefdoms:[2]


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