Dhangu-Djangu language

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Native to Australia
Region Northern Territory
Native speakers
310 (2016 census)[1]
  • Wan.gurri
  • Lamamirri
  • Rirratjingu
  • Gaalpu
  • Ngayimil
Yolŋu Sign Language
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dhg
Glottolog dhan1270[2]
AIATSIS[3] N192* Dhangu, N202* Djangu

Dhangu (Dhaŋu) is an Australian Aboriginal Yolŋu language, spoken by the Djangu in Australia's Northern Territory. The varieties of the two moieties are (a) Wan.gurri, Lamamirri and (b) Rirratjingu, Gaalpu, Ngayimil. There are two other Djangu (Djaŋu) dialects, Warramiri and Mandatja; dhangu and djangu are the words for "this" in the various dialects. See Nhangu for a detailed account of a closely related language.[4]


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