Wan Chai Road

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Wan Chai Road.
Marker of the historical coastline in Wan Chai Road.

Wan Chai Road (灣仔道) is a main road in Wan Chai, on the north side of Hong Kong Island.

Wan Chai Road is a L-shape road which was constructed in 1851 along Morrison Hill from the foot of Hospital Hill (now near the old Wan Chai Market building) to the beach at Observation Point (now near Tin Lok Lane).

The road offers access, via Cross Lane, to Wan Chai Park (灣仔公園), the area's largest.

In the 1930 and 1940s, Hong Kong funeral services used to gather in Wan Chai Road and Tin Lok Lane as the area is closed to the cemeteries in Happy Valley. The first funeral parlour in Hong Kong, named Hong Kong Funeral Home, was founded on Wan Chai Road by Siu Ming, opposite a cemetery carving workshop. The coffin showroom was on Tin Lok Lane.

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