Wan Kwong

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Wan Kwong
Chinese name 尹光 (traditional)
Origin Hong Kong
Born 1949 (age 67–68)
Occupation Cantonese opera singer, actor
Years active 1960s - present

Wan Kwong (Chinese: 尹光), born Lui Minkwong (呂明光 and also known as Jackson Wan Kwong), is a singer from Hong Kong, known as the "The Temple Street Prince".

Wan was born in Cholon, Ho Chi Minh City in 1949 and was an ethnic Chinese from Vietnam and was trained as a Cantonese opera singer. Wan left with his family from Vietnam as the war broke out for Hong Kong. From the 1960s to 1980s, he switched to pop songs, whose lyrics, often in vulgar language, reflected the lives of the lower class in Hong Kong. Around the 1990s, he collaborated with other senior singers in Hong Kong, singing in pubs and on TV shows. He released an album called Ignoring Father (少理阿爸) in 2002 and still holds concerts occasionally.


  • Hollywood Grand Hotel (荷里活大酒店)
  • Counting Hair (數毛毛)
  • The Fortune Teller Tai Tset Sai (相士大隻西)
  • Ignoring Father (少理阿爸)
  • Chasing the Dragon (追龍)

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