Wanapitei River

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Wanapitei River
Wanapitei River.JPG
Wanapitei River near Wanup
Name origin: from the Ojibwa waanabidebiing for "concave-tooth [shaped] water"
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Northeastern Ontario
District Sudbury
Part of Great Lakes Basin
 - left East Wanapitei River
Source Scotia Lake
 - location 10 km west of McKee's Camp
 - elevation 399 m (1,309 ft)
 - coordinates 47°07′54″N 81°23′27″W / 47.13167°N 81.39083°W / 47.13167; -81.39083
Mouth French River
 - location 8 km WSW of Hartley Bay
 - elevation 182 m (597 ft)
 - coordinates 46°01′34″N 80°51′37″W / 46.02611°N 80.86028°W / 46.02611; -80.86028Coordinates: 46°01′34″N 80°51′37″W / 46.02611°N 80.86028°W / 46.02611; -80.86028
Length 120 km (75 mi)
Location of the mouth of the Wanapitei River in Ontario

The Wanapitei River (French: Rivière Wanapitei) is a river in Northeastern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is in the Great Lakes Basin and is a right tributary of the French River.

The river's source is Scotia Lake, a small lake 20 kilometres (10 mi) east of Halfway Lake Provincial Park in Sudbury District. From there, it flows north and east, taking in two small tributaries and continuing to a point 20 kilometres southwest of the Ishpatina Ridge, where it turns south. After approximately 60 kilometres, the river flows into Lake Wanapitei in the northeastern portion of Greater Sudbury. At the south end of the lake, the river continues, flowing south until it joins the French River near the latter's mouth on Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. The river is approximately 120 kilometres (70 mi) in length and is a popular wilderness canoeing route.

Ontario Power Generation operates three hydroelectric generating stations on the river as well as one control dam, at Wanapitei Lake.[2]

The river's name comes from the Ojibwa word waanabidebiing, or "concave-tooth [shaped] water", which describes the shape of Lake Wanapitei. A community which takes its name from the river is spelled Wahnapitae. However, the Wanapitei spelling is correct for both the lake and the river.

On June 2, 2013, a rail bridge crossing the Wanapitei River at Wanup collapsed, causing a train derailment.[3]

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