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Wandan Township in Pingtung County

Wandan Township (Chinese: 萬丹鄉; pinyin: Wàndān Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Wan4-tan1 Hsiang1) is a rural township in Pingtung County, Taiwan.[1]


Dutch records used the placenames Tamsuy and Tampsui to refer to Tamsui in the north of the island, but have also referred to this area in the south as "Tamsuy".[2] In the early 20th century, maps showed two Tamsuy rivers, one north and one south; the Chinese would distinguish the two places by calling the north place Teng Tamsuy (upper Tamsui) and the south place E Tamsuy (lower Tamsui).


It has a population total of 52,085 and an area of 57.47 square kilometres (22.19 sq mi).

Administrative divisions[edit]

Villages in Wandan Township

The township comprises 30 villages: Baocuo, Gantang, Guangan, Houcun, Jiaxing, Lunding, Shangcun, Shekou, Shepi, Sheshang, Shezhong, Shuiquan, Shuixian, Siwei, Tiancuo, Wanan, Wanhou, Wanhui, Wannei, Wanquan, Wansheng, Xiabei, Xianan, Xiangshe, Xingan, Xingquan, Xinzhong, Xinzhuang, Zhuanliao and Zhulin.


Brick manufacturing once flourished in the area due to the availability of clay and natural gas.[3]


Notable natives[edit]


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Coordinates: 22°35′23″N 120°29′06″E / 22.5897°N 120.4851°E / 22.5897; 120.4851