Wandan, Pingtung

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Wandan Township in Pingtung County

Wandan Township (Chinese: 萬丹鄉; pinyin: Wàndān Xiāng; Wade–Giles: Wan4-tan1 Hsiang1) is a rural township in Pingtung County, Taiwan.


Dutch records used the placenames Tamsuy and Tampsui to refer to Tamsui in the north of the island, but have also referred to this area in the south as "Tamsuy".[1] In the early 20th century, maps showed two Tamsuy rivers, one north and one south; the Chinese would distinguish the two places by calling the north place Teng Tamsuy (upper Tamsui) and the south place E Tamsuy (lower Tamsui).


It has a population total of 52,085 and an area of 57.4679 square kilometers.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Villages in Wandan Township
  • Xiangshe Village
  • Xinzhuang Village
  • Xinzhong Village
  • Shuixian Village
  • Xingquan Village
  • Xingan Village
  • Gantang Village
  • Wanhui Village
  • Wanquan Village
  • Wanhou Village
  • Wanan Village
  • Wansheng Village
  • Baocuo Village
  • Siwei Village
  • Zhulin Village
  • Shuiquan Village
  • Tiancuo Village
  • Lunding Village
  • Xiabei Village
  • Xianan Village
  • Houcun Village
  • Wannei Village
  • Shangcun Village
  • Jiaxing Village
  • Shekou Village
  • Zhuanliao Village
  • Shepi Village
  • Shezhong Village
  • Sheshang Village
  • Guangan Village[2]


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