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Wandering Earl is a travel blog that details the life of the blog’s author, Derek Earl Baron. Derek, who uses his middle name “Earl” on the site, has been traveling, living, working and volunteering overseas nonstop since 1999. The articles written on WanderingEarl discuss a wide variety of travel-related topics, including how to earn money while traveling, travel gear, travel costs, destination information and general travel advice, all based on Earl’s own travel experiences. Earl has also written many articles on his blog that examine the more human side of travel, including such posts as: You Can’t Fail at Traveling the World and How Much Would You Pay This Rickshaw Driver in India.


The first post on WanderingEarl was written in August 2009. Ever since, the blog has seen a steady growth of visitors. As the site has gained popularity, it has been mentioned and recognized in a variety of media, including online and print publications around the world. Time Magazine included WanderingEarl in its list of Best Blogs of 2012[1] and the site has also been mentioned in articles in the NY Times,[2] NineMSN[3] (Australia), CNN[4] and Elliot.org[5] among others.

Popular Posts[edit]

How I Can Afford My Life of Constant Travel details, in bullet point format, exactly how Earl managed to begin and maintain his traveling lifestyle, including how he has earned and spent his money over the years. This post has now received over 1000 comments.

Three of his other more popular posts include: Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better, Living Abroad for Less Than $1000 per Month and Please Don’t Be Afraid to Travel on Your Own.


Earl grew up outside of Boston in the USA and shortly after graduating from university, he took a three month trip to Southeast Asia. One week into that trip, while celebrating the Millennium at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Earl made the decision to pursue a life of indefinite travel instead of returning home to pursue a career as a sports agent, for which he had studied. Earl has written two popular eBooks - How to Live a Life of Travel[6] and How to Work on a Cruise Ship[7] - both of which are aimed at helping others discover, and take advantage of, opportunities to achieve their own travel goals. In 2012, Earl began his Wandering Earl Tours project, in which he organizes and leads small group tours to some of his favorite countries around the world. He currently offers 4-5 tours per year to countries such as India, Romania and Mexico.


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