Wanderings of Sanmao

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The Wanderings of San Mao
Country of origin China, Thailand
No. of episodes 26
Original network CCTV
True Spark
Original release 2006 – Present

Wanderings of San Mao (Chinese: 三毛流浪记) is a Chinese animation TV series in China based on the famous manhua character Sanmao. The series was invested, produced and broadcast by CCTV. It is also known as Story of San Mao's Vagrant Life or New Adventures of San Mao.

A 1-minute English clip of the series can be found in YouTube.


The main character of the animation, Sanmao, has been around since the 1930s among comic books in China. The character recently celebrated its 70th birthday in 2005, and this series is one of the many tributes to the longevity of San Mao.[1] Other productions have taken place in the past including movies, stage plays, soap opera series and puppet films. This series is different from the 1984 cartoon of the same name.


San Mao was a very poor orphan. He was wandering in Shanghai where people dreamed of riches in the 1930s. Sanmao, together with his baldheaded friend Xiao Laizi received grain unexpectedly from the entrepreneur Wu Zifu. Later he fell into a coma mysteriously, and the reporter Hou Yiwen would try to investigate the relationship between Wu Zifu and San Mao.[2]


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