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Not to be confused with Wando River (Victoria).
Map of the Charleston Harbor watershed showing Wando River.

The Wando River is a tidewater river in the coastal area of South Carolina. It begins in the town of Awendaw and empties into the Cooper River at Charleston Harbor. Its drainage area is 73,061 acres (295.67 km2). in PHF. Drum Island is an island located under the bridges between the Wando River and Towne creek.[1]


  1. ^ Proposed Daniel Island Marine Cargo Terminal, Charleston: 1999 -"A sedimentation problem presently exists near the Drum Island/Wando River Reach intersection which field data have shown to be associated with an eddy attached to the north end of Drum Island."

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U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Wando River

Coordinates: 32°48′58″N 79°54′40″W / 32.81611°N 79.91111°W / 32.81611; -79.91111