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Wang Cheng (王成), born in 1963 in Huaining County, Anhui,[1] People's Republic of China, was a member of the Communist Party of China.


Wang began as a university graduate. He then worked as a middle-ranking CPC official for a commercial department in Anqing.[1] He has since been reported to enjoy a good quality of life with a successful career, a child at university and a wife who was working in a similar department.[2]


Wang was known to set out to have sex with hundreds of women. His disgrace was unveiled after his wife found his diaries, which revealed his search for sex and the bribes he took to pay for them.[2] His diary showed that since 2003 he had mapped out targets for this supplementary income to pay for his sexual activities. Three diaries showed he had sex with around 500 women, and fell short of his goal of 600 to 800 women.[2] He noted down each encounter in detail and the amount of money paid to each person.[2]

In 2003 his monthly salary was 1,600 yuan and he planned to supplement with 8,000 yuan a month in extracurricular funding, with a goal of amassing 100,000 yuan a year.[2] A report quoted a prosecutor saying “He was busy eight hours a day seeking bribes and eight hours a day as a hooligan seeking sex.”[2] Wang rented a house and videotaped himself having sex with these women with a hidden camera.[3] At age 47 on March 21, 2010, he was arrested and confessed that he spent all the bribe money supporting the sex partners.[3]

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