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For other people named Wang Fu, see Wang Fu.
Wang Fu, Ink Bamboo, Palace Museum, 1401

Wang Fu (simplified Chinese: 王绂; traditional Chinese: 王紱; pinyin: Wáng Fú; Wade–Giles: Wang Fu); ca. 1362-1416 was a Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644).

Wang was born in Wuxi in the Jiangsu province.[1] His style name was 'Mengduan' (孟端) and his pseudonyms were 'Youshi (友石), Jiulong shanren (九龙山人), and Aosou' (鳌叟).[2] Wang's painting followed the style of Wang Meng and Ni Zan. Wang also painted ink bamboo works in a free and uninhibited style.


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