Wang Guangli

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Wang Guangli
Chinese name 王光利
Pinyin Wáng Guānglì (Mandarin)
Born 1966 (age 50–51)
Sichuan, China
Occupation Film director
Years active 1990s-present

Wang Guangli (Chinese: 王光利) (born November 1966[1]), nicknamed "King Death"[2] is a film director. A native of Sichuan—and a psychology professor by education—Wang eventually turned to film, making underground independent features that were often censored due to their political content.[2] In 2001, however, Wang decided to obtain official state backing for his film Go For Broke, which, despite its support from the Shanghai Film Studio, was limited in its release—even domestically—due to its use of the Shanghainese dialect.[2]

Wang has since shifted away from more serious works with the comedies Karmic Mahjong (2006) and Dangerous Games (2007).


Year English Title Chinese Title Notes
1997 Maiden Work 处女作
2001 Go for Broke 横竖横
2006 Karmic Mahjong 血战到底
2007 Dangerous Games 棒子老虎鸡
2013 A Chilling Cosplay 制服


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