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Wang Hao
Chinese name 王浩 (traditional)
Pinyin Wáng hào (Mandarin)
Origin Beijing, China
Born (1987-05-17) May 17, 1987 (age 26)
Dalian, Liaoning, China
Occupation Singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, actor
Genre(s) Pop, dance, R&B
Label(s) Taihe Rye Music
Years active 2006-present

Wang Hao (born May 17, 1987 in Dalian, Liaoning) is Chinese pop singer and occasional actor, popular for his good singing skill with high key, is the captain of the Chinese boy band M.I.C.. His English stage name is Phibian.


Wang Hao was born in a musical family. His mother is a singer and his father an oboist. He finished his middle school study in his hometown Dalian and continued with a vocality study in Shenyang Musical School. During his study, he was discovered by Taihe Rye Music (北京太合麦田音乐文化发展有限公司) and began his training class about music and dance under the company in 2006.[1] In 2009, as the captain of M.I.C., he and the other members participated in Migu Star Academy (咪咕明星学院) on Dragon TV.[2]
After 5 – 6 months of competition on Migu (on March 26, 2010), he led his group to win the Star Academy Finals. He collaborated with a South Indian Musician Harris Jayaraj to sing a Chinese song for the Tamil film, 7aum Arivu in 2011.


M.I.C. (or MIC男团) is a Chinese boyband, with 6 members, formed by Taihe Rye Music (北京太合麦田音乐文化发展有限公司).[2] The group consists of Wang Hao (王浩), YongXin (泳鑫), YaoYao (尧尧), Jianci (健次), YueHan (约翰) and Lu Jia (鲁佳), who left the group in 2010 for unknown reasons. M.I.C. made a commercial for the Chinese market with Korean girlgroup f(x), for LG’s Lollipop Cellphone. M.I.C. also participated in the show Migu Star Academy, winning the show in March 2010.
On October 20, 2010, M.I.C. now with five members debuted with their first EP Rock Star.


His first acting debut was in Yixin Gao's movie CopyCat (盗版猫 - Dao Ban Mao). The movie is a black comedy about the problems of music piracy, which was released in September 2009 in China. M.I.C. members YongXin, YaoYao and YueHan also played a part in the movie.

1. Lollipop Cellphone of LG (ft. f(x))
2. M-Zone of China Mobile (ft. Jay Chou, Han Geng and Migu students)
3. Serial Cartoon on MK with M.I.C. as originals

1. Champion of the Star Academy 2010
2. Best commercial potential award on the fifth anniversary of Ifensi
3. The best new group of the third Yin Yuefeng Yun Bang new singers festival
4. The best new and vigorous MV of Qiyi 2010
5. Golden Melody Award of Beijing Pop Music ceremony 2010

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