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Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine checkpoint at Wang Kelian.

Wang Kelian is a Perlis border town on the Malaysia-Thailand Border. It is one of two border crossings between Malaysia and Thailand in the state of Perlis. The other one is at Padang Besar. The village across the border from Wang Kelian is Wang Prachan in Satun province, Southern Thailand.

The village is a popular destinations for tourists and locals because of a huge market on both sides of the border. The governments of Malaysia and Thailand allow people to move freely across the border to shop within the confines of the market without the need for any documents. This arrangement was halted for about a year starting December 2007[1] and re-effectively 1 April 2015 because the Malaysian government said the arrangements created security problems.[2] The move reportedly caused the market to lose a lot of business. Document-free movement within the market was reinstated on 5 December 2008. Malaysians need to produce their identification card to cross border while Thai nationals can cross without any documentation. Document-free visitors are confined to 1 km radius from the border crossing.[3][4]

Wang Kelian is usually used as a base for visits to the Perlis State Park.


  • See also website: (Official Kampung Wang Kelian Website). Author by Fakhrul Yaacob™.