Wang Ming-wan

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Wang Ming-wan
Full nameWang Ming-wan
ChineseTrad. 王銘琬 Simp. 王铭琬
PinyinWáng Míngwǎn
Born (1961-11-22) November 22, 1961 (age 61)
Taipei, Taiwan
ResidenceJapan Tokyo, Japan
Turned pro1977
Rank9 dan
AffiliationNihon Ki-in; Tokyo branch

Wang Ming-wan (simplified Chinese: 王铭琬; traditional Chinese: 王銘琬; pinyin: Wáng Míngwǎn; born November 22, 1961), also known as O Meien, is a professional Go player.


Wang was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He is known for his quick fuseki and fighting ability. He became a pro in 1977, two years after moving to Japan. He advanced to 9 dan in 1992.

Titles and runners-up[edit]

Title Years Held
Current 4
Japan Honinbo 2000, 2001
Japan Oza 2002
Japan Daiwa Cup 2007
Defunct 2
Japan NEC Shun-Ei 1989, 1991
Title Years Lost
Current 5
Japan Honinbo 2002
Japan Oza 2003
Japan Shinjin-O 1987
Japan NHK Cup 1991
Japan Ryusei 2002
Defunct 2
Japan NEC Shun-Ei 1986, 1987

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