Wang Puchen

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Wang Puchen
Native name
Born(1902-07-12)July 12, 1902
Jiangshan, Zhejiang, Qing Dynasty
DiedTaipei, Republic of China
AllegianceRepublic of China
Years of service1921-2006
RankMajor General
Commands heldInvestigation and Statistics Bureau
Battles/warsSecond Sino-Japanese War, Chinese Civil War

Major General Wang Puchen (Chinese: 王蒲臣; pinyin: Wang Puchen; July 12, 1902 - 2006) was born in Jiangshan of Qing Dynasty China's Zhejiang province. He was the Director of the Bureau of Investigation and Statistics for northern China stationed in Beijing. He reported directly to National Intelligence Director Dai Li.[1]


  • 1911 – Graduated from Jiangshan County Model Primary School
  • 1913 – Graduated from Jiangshan County Wenxi (文溪) High School
  • 1920 – Graduated from Ninth Provincial Normal College in Zhejiang province
  • 1921-1934 – Served as Education Bureau Chief (教育局局长) of Jiangshan County (江山县), Qingyuan County (庆元县), Wuyi County (武义县)
  • 1935 – Started work at Jiangsu Provincial Public Education Center. Also joined the Investigation and Statistics Bureau branch of the Military Commission and was appointed as director of the Central Party School of the Kuomintang.
  • December 1936 – In his position as Major General responsible for the Bureau's Northwest Commandant, he secretly saved Chiang Kai-shek
  • 1937 – Appointed General Secretary of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Action Committee Special Command Post
  • 1938 – Appointed Major General Military Advisor of the Republic of China Army 41st military command, commander of the 11th military theater
  • 1939-1941 – General Secretary of the Office of Director Dai Li
  • 1941-January 1942 – Attended Central Military Academy (黄埔军校) sixth class
  • After 1941 – deputy commander of Sichuan-Kham (康巴) theater. Publicly served as President Chiang Kai-shek's Investigation Section Chief stationed in Chengdu
  • 1944 – head of the Chief of Inspection Department of Xi'an Garrison Command, Major General of the Eighth Theater Survey Office
  • 1945 – Chief Inspector and Procuratorial Group leader of Investigation and Statistics Bureau for Beijing and Tianjin
  • March 1946 – Working bureau's Nanjing region
  • July 1948 - January 1949 – Director of the Bureau of Investigation and Statistics in Beijing (北平站站长). Served as coordinator for cease fire between Kuomintang and Communist Party of China.
  • January 23, 1949 – Traveled to Nanjing from Beijing. Traveled to Taiwan in same year.
  • September 1997 – Returned to mainland China to visit relatives
  • July 2006 – Passed away in Taipei


Wang Puchen authored several books including:

  • "滚滚浪沙九十秋" - Turbulent Waves With Sands for 90 Autumns (1991) [1]
  • "一代奇人戴笠將軍" - Legendary General Dai Li (June 12, 2003) [2]
  • "三莅美境,六度月园" - Three Visits to US Seeing Six Full Moons [1]


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