Wang River

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Wang River (แม่น้ำวัง)
Sonnenaufgang am Fluß in Lampang (Thailand).jpg
Wang River in Lampang town
Country Thailand
States Chiang Rai Province, Lampang Province
Region Tak Province
City Lampang
 - location Phi Pan Nam Range, Phan District, Chiang Rai Province
 - coordinates 19°09′45″N 101°13′45″E / 19.16250°N 101.22917°E / 19.16250; 101.22917
Mouth Ping River
 - location West of Mae Salit, Ban Tak District, Tak Province
 - elevation 128 m (420 ft)
 - coordinates 17°7′23″N 99°3′37″E / 17.12306°N 99.06028°E / 17.12306; 99.06028Coordinates: 17°7′23″N 99°3′37″E / 17.12306°N 99.06028°E / 17.12306; 99.06028
Length 392 km (244 mi)
Basin 10,794 km2 (4,168 sq mi)
Discharge for Sam Ngao District
 - average 52 m3/s (1,836 cu ft/s)
 - max 1,100 m3/s (38,846 cu ft/s)
 - min 0 m3/s (0 cu ft/s)
Map of the Chao Phraya River drainage basin showing the Wang River

The Wang River (Thai: แม่น้ำวัง, RTGSMaenam Wang, pronounced [mɛ̂ː.náːm wāŋ]) is a river in northern Thailand.


The Wang River is 335 kilometres (208 mi) long. Its waters flow from north to south. The Wang River has its source in the Phi Pan Nam Range in Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province. One of the principal settlements along the river is Lampang, which is on the north bank of a curve in the river. From Lampang, the river flows southwards passing by Thoen into Tak Province. It joins the Ping River near Mae Salit, Ban Tak District, north of the town of Tak. The Ping River is a tributary of the Chao Phraya River.


Tributaries of the Wang include the Mo, Tui, Chang, and Soi Rivers

Wang basin[edit]

The Wang basin is part of the Greater Ping Basin and the Chao Phraya Watershed. The total land area drained by the Wang River and its tributaries is 10,792 square kilometres (4,167 sq mi).[1]

Kiu Lom Dam (เขื่อนกิ่วลม) is on the Wang River about 38 kilometres (24 mi) from Lampang town.[2]

Wang River valley, Chae Hom District, with the mountains of the Phi Pan Nam Range in the distance, as seen from Rte 1252 in the mountains of the Khun Tan Range


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