Wang Tau Hom Estate

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Wang Tau Hom Estate
Wang Kwong House, Wang Tau Hom Estate

Wang Tau Hom Estate (Chinese: 橫頭磡邨) is a public housing estate in Wang Tau Hom, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong, along Lung Cheung Road and next to Lok Fu. The estate was originally built in 1962 with a total of 25 blocks, but it was redeveloped between 1982 and 1983. It now consists of 18 blocks of three types, namely, Double H, Harmony 3 and Linear L with Linear 1 and Linear 3, providing a total of 5,900 domestic flats.[1] There were originally had six more blocks, but these were allocated to Lok Fu Estate because they were near MTR Lok Fu Station after its 1991 construction.[2]

Fu Keung Court (富強苑), Ka Keung Court (嘉強苑) and Tak Keung Court (德強苑) are Home Ownership Scheme housing courts near Wang Tau Hom Estate. They have six, two and two blocks respectively, completed in 1991, 1998 and 2001 respectively.


Wang Tau Hom Estate[edit]

Name[3] Type Completion
Wang Fai House Double H 1982
Wang Hin House Linear L 1987
Wang Kwong House
Wang Chak House Linear 1
Wang Fu House
Wang Hing House
Wang Yip House 1989
Wang Kei House
Wang Leung House 1990
Wang Hin House
Wang Chung House
Wang Hau House
Wang On House 1988
Wang Tak House Linear 3
Wang Yiu House Harmony 3 1994
Wang Lai House
Wang Cho House
Wang Wai House

Fu Keung Court[edit]

Name[4] Type Completion
Fu Yue House NCB 1991
Fu Ning House
Fu Hong House
Fu Wo House
Fu Yat House
Fu Nga House

Ka Keung Court[edit]

Name[5] Type Completion
Ka Wui House NCB 1998
Ka Ying House

Tak Keung Court[edit]

Name[6] Type Completion
Tak Yin House NCB 2001
Tak Wah House

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