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Wang Xiaoni (Chinese: 王小妮; pinyin: Wáng Xiǎoní) (born 1955) is a Chinese poet.

Xiaoni graduated from Jilin University in 1982 where she was a literary editor and worked for a film studio. In 1985, she settled in Shenzen and became a professor at Hainan University. She has published over 25 books of poetry[1] and won several awards.[2] In 2015 the translation of her book Something Crosses My Mind by Eleanor Goodman was shortlisted for the International Griffin Poetry Prize.[3] Other translations of her work have been published by poet Pascale Petit.

Published works[edit]

  • My Selected Poems (1986)
  • On Visiting Friends (1992-1993)
  • Exile in Shenzhen (1994)
  • My Paper Wraps My Fire (1997)
  • Something Crosses My Mind (2014)


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