Wang Zhong (Ming dynasty)

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Wang Zhong
Hanyu PinyinWáng Zhōng

Wang Zhong (王忠 1359 – 23 September 1409) was a Chinese marquis under the Yongle Emperor of the Ming dynasty. He was killed in Qiu Fu's impetuous cavalry attack on the retreating Tartars alongside marquis Wang Cong, Li Yuan, Qoryocin and Qiu Fu himself.[1]


  1. ^ Shih-shan Henry Tsai Perpetual happiness: the Ming emperor Yongle 0295800224 - 2001 p167 " Qiu led an army of one hundred thousand and was assisted by four marquises — Wang Cong (age 52), Qoryocin (60), Wang Zhong (50), and Li Yuan (45)."