Wangerooge-class tug

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Class overview
Name: Wangerooge
Operators:  German Navy
In service: 1968-present
In commission: 1968-1971
Completed: 5
Active: 2
General characteristics
Type: tug
Displacement: 798 tonnes (785 long tons; 880 short tons)
Length: 52.7 m (172 ft 11 in)
Beam: 12.2 m (40 ft 0 in)
Propulsion: around 1,500 kW (2,000 hp)
Speed: 12 knots (22 km/h/14 mph)
Complement: 33 civilians

The Type 722 Wangerooge class seagoing tugboats are used for rescue and salvage operation by the German Navy. They are also used for towing targets and retrieving training torpedoes. Survival training for aircraft crews are also carried out with them.

List of ships[edit]

Name Type/
Commissioned Base/fate
A1451 Wangerooge 722C DRLI 9 April 1968 Wilhelmshaven
A1452 Spiekeroog 722B DRIJ 14 August 1968 Kiel
A1453 Langeoog 722 14 August 1968 recommissioned as Type 754, A1441 Langeoog
A1454 Baltrum 722 8 October 1968 recommissioned as Type 754, A1439 Baltrum
A1455 Norderney 722B DRLK 15 October 1970 sold to Uruguay and recommissioned as ROU 23 Maldonado
A1456 Juist 722 1 October 1971 recommissioned as Type 754, A1440 Juist

The ships are named after East Frisian Islands.