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WaniKani Crabigator logo.png
WaniKani dashboard screenshot.png
WaniKani, showing the user dashboard
Type of site
Spaced repetition software
Available inEnglish (teaches Japanese)
LaunchedMay 14, 2012; 6 years ago (2012-05-14)[1]

WaniKani is a web application that helps people learn Japanese kanji and associated vocabulary. It uses radicals, mnemonics, and a spaced repetition learning system in order to help its users memorize the characters and vocabulary more effectively.[2] WaniKani has been in its beta stage of development since 2012.[3] It moved out of beta on Sept 8, 2015.[4] Initially it had 50 levels, in June 2015 levels 51-60 were added. The first three levels are free.


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