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Born unknown
Rouen, Normandy, France
Died c. 683
Venerated in

Roman Catholic Church

Orthodox Church
Feast 9 January

Saint Waningus (also Vaneng) (born in Rouen, died c. 683) was a nobleman and royal official under Clotaire III,[1] then later a Benedictine abbot and a saint of the Roman Catholic Church.

Waningus had a son, Desiderius, who was also later venerated as a saint.[2][3] One night Waningus had a dream in which Saint Eulalia of Barcelona reminded him of the difficulties the rich had in entering Heaven, so he gave up the privileged life to become a Benedictine monk. He founded Fécamp Abbey and is also said to have had a hand, in conjunction with Saint Wandrille, in the foundation of Fontenelle Abbey.[3]


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