Wanlov the Kubolor

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Wanlov the Kubolor
Wanlov (Fokn Bois)-1.jpg
Wanlov performing at a concert
Background information
Birth nameEmmanuel Owusu-Bonsu
BornPloiești, Romania
GenresAfro Pop
Occupation(s)Musician, Singer, Rapper[1]
Years active2007 – present
LabelsFokn Inc
Associated acts

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, known by his stage name Wanlov the Kubolor (born September 8, 1980 in Ploiești, Romania) is a Ghanaian-Romanian musician, film director and cultural icon born to an Akan father and a Romanian mother.[2] Kubolor is a Ga word that essentially means wanderer, vagabond. Kubolor, whose style is fiercely independent, and is arguably the most revolutionary artist in Ghana credited with creating a unique sound that pushes the borders of Afro-Pop.[3] He is the brother of television show host, model, musician Deborah Owusu-Bonsu.

Early life[edit]

His parents moved to Ghana before he was a year old, and he grew up in an artistic household where both parents were avid collectors of music and had an interest in the arts. He attended Adisadel College.[4] It was while he was at Adisadel that he began rapping his favorite lyrics with high school friends and performing the local circuit in Cape Coast and Takoradi.[5] It was here that his enduring musical partnership with the songwriter M3NSA, was formed. He then moved to the United States for college in 2000 where he attended the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. He dropped out after two years of studying Computer Science and Business Administration and from then on was to dedicate himself fully to his musical career. [6]

Musical career[edit]

Kubolor is affiliated with the Ghanaian-based production house Pidgen Music. Out of his musical and personal experiences, he has succeeded in creating a space to share his art comfortably. In refusing to modify his versatile style to fit the mould of pre-existing genres, Kubolor hopes to inspire others to create a personal evolutionary path for positive change.[7] His widely acclaimed versatility is heard on his debut album "Green Card", released in late 2007 on his return to Ghana after a 7-year stay in the USA. Already being referred to as an icon, this enigmatic man has gone on to capture the hearts and minds of the people of Ghana. Though at home with his fans, he is also no stranger to the company of internationally acclaimed musicians. Wanlov the Kubolor has had the honor of collaborating with Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Ghana's Rap pioneer / Highlife legend, Reggie Rockstone, the Godfather of Hiplife, amongst other well-respected artists worldwide. His flair for the extraordinary has netted him wide acclaim and in this well-earned popularity, Kubolor was recently chosen as one of 5 artists to represent Africa as a lyricist/songwriter in the "Routes to Roots" project. A collaborative initiative conceived by Bigga Fish, a UK-based organization that engages young people through creative mediums, Routes to Roots is a musical project with 10 Artists carefully selected from Africa and the UK to record an album that represents all sides of the cultural spectrum. [8] He has developed his "Gipsy" persona, by wearing only wrappers and no shoes, styling himself as a voice for the revolution by the common man on the streets of Ghana. He has developed a strong socially conscious identity, campaigning for the cause of OAfrica [9] a charity for out-of-home children and various similar causes, in particular those linked to ecology or pollution in Ghana. In 2017, he told members of Blogging Ghana that he "is considering making a third installment to his Ghanaian Pidgin-English musical Coz Ov Moni"[10].

Fokn Bois performing at a concert


Solo Albums[edit]

  • 2007 -"Green Card"
  • 2010 - "Yellow Card - Stomach Direction"
  • 2012 - "Brown Card - African Gypsy"
  • 2017 - "Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps" [11]

FOKN Bois Albums[edit]

  • 2010 - “Coz Ov Moni” OS - Movie Soundtrack
  • 2011 - “Coz Ov Moni - The Kweku Ananse Remix EP” - EP
  • 2011 - “Coz Ov Moni - The DJ Juls Dw3t3i Remixes” - EP
  • 2011 - "FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest" - EP
  • 2012 - "FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest Remixes" - EP
  • 2012 - “FOKN Wit Ewe” - Album
  • 2013 - “Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge)” OS - Movie Soundtrack[11]
  • 2016 - "FOKN Ode to Ghana" [12]
  • 2019 - "Afrobeats LOL" [13]


  • 2006 WCS International Song Contest - Winner (World) - "Human Being"
  • 2006 International Songwriting Competition - Finalist (World) - "Never Die"
  • 2007 Peacedriven Songwriting Award - Runner Up - "Human Being"
  • 2008 Ghana Music Awards - Nominated for Discovery Of The Year, Record Of The Year (Smallest Time), Video Of The Year (Kokonsa), & Hiphop Song Of The Year (Kokonsa)[14]


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