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Wanluan Township in Pingtung County
Wanluan Township

Wanluan Township (Chinese: 萬巒鄉; pinyin: Wànluán Xiāng) is a rural township in Pingtung County, Taiwan.


It has a population total of 20,918 and an area of 60.7315 square kilometers.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Villages in Wanluan Township
  • Wanluan Village
  • Wanquan Village
  • Wanhe Village
  • Luliao Village
  • Liuhuang Village
  • Sigou Village
  • Wugou Village
  • Chengde Village
  • Chishan Village
  • Wanjin Village
  • Jiazuo Village
  • Jiahe Village
  • Xincuo Village
  • Xinzhi Village

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Coordinates: 22°34′22″N 120°34′04″E / 22.5727°N 120.5678°E / 22.5727; 120.5678