Wanna Come In?

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Wanna Come In?
Genre Reality TV
Written by Aaron Ginsburg
Wade McIntyre
Directed by Katherine Brooks
Jen Friesen
Composer(s) Jeff Cardoni
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
Executive producer(s) Yann Debonne
Producer(s) Michelle Brando
Production company(s) Nash Entertainment
Original network MTV
Original release 1 June 2004

Wanna Come In? is an MTV reality television show. It is a modern reality twist on the legendary play Cyrano de Bergerac. In the show, a two-man team that consists of a "stud" and a "dud" compete with another "stud"/"dud" duo to try to win cash prizes. The "stud" secretly coaches the "dud" by speaking through a hidden microphone while the "dud" is on a blind date with a beautiful young woman. Each team goes through several challenges in an effort to get the "geek" invited inside the woman's home at the end of the date. If she does not invite her "dud" inside, the team loses.

Wanna Come In? was on the air for three seasons on MTV. It was a half-hour show that aired daily in the afternoons. The challenges usually had the "geeks" doing zany things that would make it almost impossible for the date to end well. If the "geeks" ask to come in at the end of the date or reveal that he is being coached, the "geek/stud" duo are disqualified.

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